How to send bulk SMS

Learn how to create SMS campaigns and send business bulk SMS messages

No matter whether you want to send a text message to 1 customer or 1000 customers, you can create SMS campaigns to send and track your message's delivery or failure.

If you want to receive messages replied to from your customers, you should go to your phone numbers' configuration page to enable Receiving SMS feature.

How to create a campaign and send SMS messages

  1. Login to your eztalks account.

  2. Go to SMS on the left side, and go to "Campaigns”. And then click the "Create new campaign" button on the top left.

  3. Input the campaign name, such as VIP Special Offer.

  4. Select the number from which you want to send from. If you only have one phone number, it will be the default.

  5. Set up the receipts: You can input the number manually, select from the contact list, or select a contact group.

  6. Write your message: You can write your message directly or import it from message templates. You can also insert tags of contacts which will be replaced with contacts information automatically when we sending out. And you can also upload pictures, files, or any other attachments by you want.

  7. Preview your message: You can directly preview your message's look on the left of the page.

  8. Send or schedule: You can send the text message immediately, or you can schedule at a specific time.

A message must be scheduled at least 15 minutes in advance of the message send time.

A message cannot be scheduled more than 7 days in advance of the request.

User opt-outs (STOP replies) do not automatically cancel scheduled messages

If you have already scheduled a message to be sent to a specific end user, and the user then opts-out of messaging from your number(s) by sending a message with STOP or another opt-out keyword, the scheduled message will not be automatically canceled but eztalks will fail the message at the scheduled send time.

This behavior is specific to messages that were already scheduled, but not yet sent before the user opted out.

If a user opts out of receiving messages, you can cancel the remaining scheduled messages for that user.

  1. Edit or Cancel a campaign: You can only edit or cancel a scheduled campaign. A sending campaign does not enable editing and canceling, because all messages have been sent to carriers and cannot be changed.

  2. Sending reports: Click the menu on the right and click "View reports" to check the details of every message, including receipts, sending status and more.

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