Using eztalks when phone numbers are unavailable in your country

Due to legalities, costs, and demand fluctuations, we’re not able to offer phone numbers in every country. If you don’t see your country on the list, we suggest looking into the following options:

Purchase an international number to send messages to your intended country

Even if eztalks doesn’t have phone numbers in your country, you can still use a number from a different country to reach you and your customers.

  • If you want to use eztalks to send and/or receive SMS text messages, head to our list of SMS-enabled numbers and look for a “Yes” under the “Global SMS Enabled” column. That means we’ll most likely be able to send SMS to your country.

  • If you want to use eztalks to place and/or receive voice calls, head to our list of voice-enabled numbers to see if there’s another country where you’d want to purchase a number to make international calls from.

Notice: To double-check that you’ll be able to make calls and send SMS to your country from these international numbers, make sure your country is searchable on our pricing pages.

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