How to Promote a Webinar Online?

A webinar refers to a seminar conducted over the internet. Instead of people all around world worrying about reaching the event place on time; for a webinar, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection. The best webinar is the one visited by the most people, facilitating your business. Likewise, a webinar must be promoted well enough to attract a large number of people. Here are some webinar promotion ideas that answer the very question in your mind, "how to promote your webinar?"

Tips for How to Promote a Webinar Online

Ensure Your Webinar Quality Before Promoting

Before promoting, you must ensure that your webinar is of the quality, which drives to win more popularity. Someone may regard setting up a webinar as a hectic task, since you need to contact and arrange for potential speakers, set up logistics, create content and most important of all, promote the webinar to the max, but actually, to choose the best webinar software can make it more convenient. You can avail webinar promotion services and one of the best in this category is ezTalks Webinar, which is user-friendly and quick to set up. ezTalks Webinar provides top-notch functions, including waiting room with agenda, email notification, online screen sharing tools, webinar recording and so on. These are extremely reliable with package service at each stage of webinar.

Use Social Media

Social media comes in first in the list of webinar promotion best practices. Now that the use of social media is more popular than ever, it would weird not to use it to promote your business. It is recommended that you should not only post at least once or twice on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or nowadays, Snapchat. Start using hashtags but also ask your friends to use them well ahead of time. A key factor is to promote it towards people that you know will be interested. LinkedIn can be very helpful since it is one of the formal social websites, but how to promote an event on LinkedIn? It’s simple to post your webinar invitations and links to the website in your LinkedIn groups. Last but not least, be sure to target people you know who would definitely be interested and ask them to bring along a friend.

Use Email Reasonably

Emailing is the most formal way of communication in today’s world and it must be used to its full potential. It’s not highly advised to use your personal email for promotion but to use your firm’s official email address is a great measure. Sending official emails to invite potential viewers to your webinar is a great start. It not only poses as an invitation but also shows the recipients of the email how serious you are about the webinar that you are going to conduct.

Use Blog

Using your blog is another effective way to promote your webinar. Regularly post details about the event and even create a webinar presentation to engage the visitors. Another way is to hold a Question & Answer session on your blog before the webinar. Paying attention to the questions that people might have related to the event will improve their engagement and interest. Make sure you have a transcriber at hand that writes down everything said for people who prefer to read than to listen, which can appeal more people to your webinar in the future.

Make Attractive Videos

Promotion doesn’t have to be in writing only. It will be more attractive if you can make a video of a minute or two stating major details about the webinar and what topics the speaker plans to cover. In case of a few speakers, try getting all of them to participate in this video and make sure you post it on all major social media outlets; this surely will be one of the best webinar advertisement tactics. 

Optimize Registration Page

Landing pages and registrations pages are two totally different things. Try to keep the registration form short and simple. According to studies, every field you add makes you lose 5% of potential registrants. Name and email are more than enough initially and you can follow up the details in a few days. Moreover, you should avoid having links to other pages on your registration form. It will be better to have some kinds of social proof so that people will trust you more easily. Testimonials from previous webinars and information about your speaker ought to do the trick.


Overall, all the different ways mentioned above to promote your marketing aim to help you thoroughly prepare your webinar, conduct it interactively, and make it more productive, ultimately leading to better business promotion and increased profits. You can choose a suitable video collaboration app for your promotion, but remember, the best free webinar software must contribute to significant popularity! Whether you choose a video collaboration app, you can consider within the scope of an event management app, but this should not change the original meaning.