5 Typical Examples of Video Conferencing in Different Fields

As an effective collaboration tool,video conferencing is becoming more and more important for businesses of all types and sizes. Generally speaking,video conferencing can be used to host video meetings,online training,webinars and video presentations in various industries such as enterprise,government,education,training,healthcare,law,finance,military and etc. Here we will fully illustrate five typical examples of video conferencing in different fields,especially in business,training and court.

1. Example of video conferencing in business

A large enterprise has established many offices in more than ten different countries all over the globe. It will be difficult for the company’s decision-maker to quickly inform the managers in dispersed offices the important decision simultaneously. By implementing a video conferencing solution like ezTalks free 100-participant plan,the enterprise can easily host a virtual video meeting. Participants can also express their ideas during the conference. Hence,it makes the face-to-face communication more productive and efficient.

2. Example of video conferencing in education

A famous university has set up some adult education courses and wants to permit remote students to positively take part in the class activities. In order to solve this problem,the university has adopted the advanced video conferencing tool like ezTalks. It thus has improved the access for distance learning and the whole education process. By doing so,students can not only hear the lecture,but also clearly see what’s happening in the classroom. Then they also have chances to engage in the activities.

3. Example of video conferencing in healthcare

Hospitals are obviously vital to patients,so it is necessary for hospitals or other healthcare institutions to upgrade its medical equipment with new technology such as video conferencing. A London hospital has utilized video conferencing system which makes it possible for medical specialists to make remote diagnosis of serious illness from patients in different locations. Video conferencing in healthcare thus breaks the space barriers and provides more convenient for patients around the world.

4. Example of video conferencing in training

A major training institution plans to conduct a large training course,but some of trainees cannot come for some reason. The training course can’t be terminated or rescheduled for the small part of people. On this occasion,the training institution has employed a video conferencing solution. So those who can’t come to the site can also have an online training. Besides,the recording feature of video conferencing software enables them to replay the whole course later.

5. Example of video conferencing in court

Apart from the application of video conferencing in business,healthcare and training,video conferencing can also be used in court. For instance,in a big criminal case,an important witness won’t want to present personally in the Virginia court for this or that reason some reason. Such as fearing of testifying in the court,concerning about personal security,worrying about privacy exposure,or just because of geographical restrictions. Under such circumstance,the Virginia court has installed video conferencing system,which makes the witness virtually present in the court and guarantees the trial process done as scheduled.

The above are just five typical video conferencing examples used in business,training and court,respectively. And of course,there are far more real-life examples. When you select a right video conferencing tool and start to use it for your business,you will definitely find that the benefits and advantages of video conferencing is beyond your imagination.