3 Tips for Effectively Using Coupons for Daily Purchases

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Ever heard of coupons? Be it a physical or a digital coupon, chances are you've already got a hold of one at least once. Well, a lot of businesses leverage it as part of their overall marketing strategy, so that's expected. In fact, 94% of people in the world have admitted to using coupons.

Why do brands like coupons? That's simply because they're useful tools for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. And it's not only businesses that love coupons, consumers, too, like them as much. Proof of that is the over 19 million people in the US who followed the social media accounts of coupon and rebate sites in 2022. There's no doubt that for savvy shoppers, these vouchers are an essential part of their daily purchases.

Utilizing coupons seems like a straightforward process, isn't it? But did you know that you can use them strategically to maximize their benefits? From planning to combining coupons with other saving methods, we'll cover everything you need to know about coupon usage in this blog post. Keep reading.

Tip 1: Plan properly

Like with other things that you do, the strategic use of coupons begins with proper planning.

- Identify suitable stores (physical or online) that accept coupons:

The first step is, of course, looking for coupons and stores that accept them. You can check out supermarkets, pharmacies, retail outlets, and even online shops. This process becomes even easier when you go to dedicated coupons and promo codes sites like Bountii and GreenPromoCode.com.

But don't immediately buy from the first store that you'll bump into. Ensure that it has coupon-friendly policies first. You might also want to consider the range of products they have available for coupon usage. Remember, not all shops accept coupons and not all of them have many product options that you can apply coupon discounts on.

- Create your shopping list:

When you're already inside the store or on the online shop's website, the last thing you'd want to happen is missing out on saving opportunities because you're not sure what item you're supposed to be getting. That's why you need a shopping list where you can match the available deals with their corresponding items.

Here's a bonus tip: stay organized by storing and categorizing your coupons in a binder. For digital coupons, use a spreadsheet. Doing so also makes keeping track of coupon expiration dates easier. It not only makes coupons easily accessible when you need them but also saves you time.

Tip 2: Master the art of coupon stacking

Did you know that you can use multiple coupons on a single purchase? That's called coupon stacking. Why would you want to do this? Well, because it doubles or even triples discounts, of course!

Coupon stacking is an art, and you can master it by doing the following:

- Combine manufacturer coupons and store promotions:

As you probably already know, some items in a store or online shop can go on sale. The good news is that you can still use manufacturer coupons on top of the discount given for that item. The result? Maximized savings! Be always on the lookout for these opportunities, but be mindful of coupon usage restrictions at the same time.

- Take note of limitations or restrictions imposed for coupon stacking:

It's inevitable for some stores or online shops to impose a limitation for coupon stacking. Say, you might only be allowed to use one coupon per transaction. Or it's also possible that they won't accept coupons for items that are already at discounted prices.

It's also an effective tactic to pair coupons with other saving methods such as loyalty programs and reward cards. Cashback and rebate apps? They're also worth checking out. Another strategy is participating in referral programs that unlock additional discounts. These work hand in hand with coupons to supercharge your savings!

Tip 3: Purchase at a strategic time

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Timing is the key to success when it comes to almost everything in life. And that principle also applies to coupons. Some tips to ponder include:

- Monitor sales cycles and promotional periods:

As mentioned earlier in the discussion, some items in a store or an online shop can go on sale. Recurring sales are also possible. Here's the thing: you must understand these patterns. For example, once you know a specific item or category of products goes on a ‘buy one, get one' promo every three months, stock up on coupons applicable to them before the next sale comes.

- Take advantage of special events and holidays:

You're surely familiar with holiday discounts. Additional promotions are usually offered during this time of the year. Is there a special event coming up in your favorite store or online shop? Expect additional discounts on that day, too. Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday sale, seasonal clearance sales – you name it! There's a reason why Black Friday online shoppers in the US spent a record USD$9.8 billion in online purchases in 2023.

Here are the dates to watch out for if you're in the US and want to score enormous discounts:

US Federal Holidays 2024

An important reminder

Coupons… they're great tools for people looking to save money on their purchases. However, it's still important to set a budget when shopping and stick to it no matter what. Many consumers fall into the trap of buying something they don't really need just because they want to use the available coupon – don't be one of them.