What Is Video Teleconferencing (VTC)?

When you further enter into the video conferencing field,you will absolutely come across many similar technical terms related to video conferencing,accidentally or intentionally,such as teleconferencing,video teleconferencing,tele video conferencing,audio conferencing,and etc. Now we will emphasize on video teleconferencing (VTC) and help you differentiate them easily.

What Is Teleconferencing?

In order to understand video teleconferencing,we should know the meaning of teleconferencing first. The prefix “tele” means distance,and a conference is a meeting at which people have formal discussions. Teleconferencing refers to the conduct of a telephone meeting between two or more people in different locations through a telecommunications system,so that they could hear,or both hear and see each other,for the purpose of communication and collaboration in real time.Here,the telecommunications system may support the teleconference through one or more means like telephone,computer,television,radio,telegraph and teletypewriter,providing one or more of the following services,such as audio,video,and data.

Types of Teleconferencing

From the definition of teleconferencing above,we can divide teleconferencing into four types according to their different functions. That is to say,audio conferencing (also called telephone conferencing or phone conferencing),video conferencing,web conferencing and augmented reality (AR) conferencing. Now it is easy to answer the question,what is the difference between video conferencing and teleconferencing? The answer is,video conferencing is just one type of teleconferencing.

What Is Video Teleconferencing (VTC)?

After going through the definition and types of teleconferencing,now it is easy for us to understand the meaning of video teleconferencing. At its simplest,video teleconferencing (also called tele video conferencing) has been just another term for video conferencing,according to the explanation from Wikipedia. Furthermore,video conferencing can be divided into several types. The most common three types of video conferencing are telepresence videoconferencing system,room-based videoconferencing system,and desktop videoconferencing system.

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