What Is a Virtual Interview?

While knowing everything about virtual interview,you should start with virtual interview definition,its types and techniques used for giving a successful virtual interview. In this write-up,we are trying to provide everything you may require to know about virtual interview meaning.

Virtual Interview Definition

Virtual interview,also known as digital or video interview,allows people to conduct an interview in an automatic manner by conducting it online. The interviewers use virtual interview as a standard way of assessing the potentials of the candidate initially. It also allows people to participate in an interview which they may have missed earlier for not reaching at the place of interview on time. It also helps in discovering better talents by using more efficient process of their recruitment. The organizations can also evaluate their candidates online by using virtual interview techniques.

Types of Virtual Interviews

According to virtual interview Wikipedia,virtual interviews are basically of two types - one-way and two-way live. In the one-way virtual interview,the employer normally sends a video of the interview in the form of the resume or email the list of questions to the candidate. Then the candidate uses video recording software to record the answers of the questions and send its video back to the employer for their assessment. In the two-way virtual interview,live interview of the candidate is conducted online in real-time by using video conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting or Skype etc.

Technology of Virtual Interview

The virtual interview technology is very useful not only for the employers but for the interviewing candidates located at remote locations.

The process of the virtual interview includes following steps:

A questionnaire is created by the interviewer in text format to send it online to the candidate.

The interviewer invites the candidates for an online interview by sending them a link in this regard through email.

The candidate uses his/her web browser to open the link to the online virtual interview. The candidate then reads the questions and uses a webcam to record their answers to send back them to the interviewer in video format.

The answers are reviewed by the interviewer to grade the candidate according to the level of his answers.

Ultimately,the selected candidates are called by the interviewer for the one-on-one interview for final selection for the job.

Location of Virtual Interview

A candidate can attend a virtual interview without moving out of his location or wherever he/she exists. The candidate can choose a suitable,bright and quiet place to appear for such interview. It will help him/her to get the better quality of the picture on his/her computer screen to read the questions and answer them properly through a webcam. An internet cafe can also be an ideal place for such interviews,if they can provide you a completely quiet and bright space.

Benefits of Virtual Interviews

Today many businesses are opting for virtual interviews for recruiting new but talented staff in their organization. Several benefits provided by virtual interviews have also made them increasingly popular in the corporate world these days. These benefits can include:

Easy access to the best talent: Usually talented people are always in demand or remain busy. So you will have to be flexible for interviewing them if you want to attract them to join your business. The option of virtual interview provides a rival free platform to such candidates where he/she can easily express his/her abilities.

Time and cost saving: Virtual interview allows cutting the cost of traveling expenses incurred by the candidate as well as the interviewer. It also saves the time taken in traveling to the place of interview.

Access talent across the globe: Virtual interview allows you to interview the talents throughout the world,without moving out of your place,as it can be conducted online through the internet.

How to Conduct a Virtual Interview with ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the best software that allows the businesses to host virtual interviews comfortably and conveniently with the candidates of their choice,regardless of their location.

Steps to do a good virtual interview:

First of all,download the application of this software on your device and register for its free or paid version.

Then click on “Start Meeting” to get into the virtual interview room to start inviting the candidates by sending them room ID or email address through email.

You can start taking the virtual interview as your invitation is accepted by the candidate. If there are many candidates,then you can also use this software to schedule the date and time for their virtual interview so that each one of them can attend the interview as per schedule.

In this way,ezTalks Cloud Meeting can help in conducting a virtual interview without asking the candidates to travel long distances to appear,unlike traditional interviews. This interview will save time as well as money spent in reaching the location of interview along with preparing a room suitable for an interview. Virtual interview through video conferencing software also allows the interviewer to study the personality of the candidates which was not possible in telephonic interviews.