Distance Learning by Video Conferencing

Imagine,you wish to continue with your education but do not have a good institution in your city that offers the course of your choice. This leaves you with three options – one,you can give up on the course,secondly,you can move to a city that has institutions offering your preferred course,but that will invite extra costs of traveling,lodging,etc. Thirdly,you can join a distance learning institution that offers the course of your choice and thus complete your education from your home itself. Distance learning is becoming extremely popular these days,and many,many students are opting for the same.

What Is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is a way of educating students,carried out remotely,by making use of electronic communication. The students communicate with other students and faculty via electronic forums,email,chat rooms,and instant messaging. But the lectures or classes are given through video conferencing. Distance learning allows you to complete your education that too from the comfort of your home,while still continuing with your job (if you already have one). The courses are more economical and the degrees you get on completing such courses are accepted by most employers,and thus will help you get your dream job.

Distance Learning by Video Conferencing

Distance learning or e-learning institutions use video conferencing to help educate students. For the purpose,high-quality video conferencing software like ezTalks is used,so as to make sure communication is flawless,and the experience of both the students and the teachers is perfect. So,video conferencing plays an important role in distant education,but how exactly,we shall get to discover right away.

1. Getting in Touch with the Experts

In a traditional classroom setting students have limited resources. But video conferencing expands these sources greatly. With the help of a best video conferencing software like ezTalks,educators and experts outside the classroom can get connected with the students virtually and then share experience and expertise from any part of the world. This gives the students a whole new learning experience that is not possible to gain in traditional classrooms.

For instance,instead of just listening to what the lecturers have to say about planets,video conferencing can connect the students with NASA experts or astronauts and helps them learn about the space in a much vivid way. Since the students will be connected to the experts in real-time,they will be able to enjoy a “hands-on” experience in different environments.

2. Communication with Other Schools

Video conferencing also helps many e-schools get in touch with each other. As students get to connect with other students from different locations all over the world,it helps them gain insight and a different perspective about different things. It also helps students learn how to collaborate and work with other people who are different from them and thus hones their interaction skills,which certainly will prove to be helpful later in life. As students get connected via video conferencing,they get exposed to various kinds of classroom topics and challenges,which they could not have experienced otherwise.

3. A Personal Learning Experience

Video conferencing also helps students to enjoy a one-to-one interaction with their teachers,and the teachers can easily plan their lessons according to the needs of a particular classroom,or even individual students. Even if a student is not able to attend a few classes owing to medical emergencies,using video conferencing a teacher can give extra classes and help the student stay updated always. All this can prove to be immensely beneficial for the students.

4. Virtual Trips

Schools that are on budget cuts are not able to plan campus trips. This prevents them from allowing their students to experience a location that they feel is important. However,using video conferencing students can enjoy virtual trips and reach almost any location which their budgets may not allow. It thus gives the students an experience which is not only necessarily but immensely enriching for them. It also gives the lecturers or teachers the chance to turn an otherwise ordinary subject into something very interesting. Various rural schools particularly benefit from this use of video conferencing by making sure their students enjoy a similar experience that their peers do in larger cities. Using video conferencing can greatly help reduce the costs of field trips,and at the same time make sure students get to enjoy the much-needed experience. So,video conferencing,in this case,also proves beneficial for various brick-and-mortar schools.

Video conferencing certainly is taking distance learning to a whole new level. Now,students at home get to enjoy more benefits than what their friends in the traditional schools do. Of course,to enjoy such experiences in a flawless way,it is important for the distance learning institutions to use the best video conferencing software like ezTalks,and then a great experience is what awaits one and all.