How to Upgrade Your Small Conference Room

One of the main advantages of a presentable office is the impression it creates. A good conference room can go a long way in giving the right impression about you and your organization. While it may not be possible or feasible to have a big, spacious and flashy office for your small organization, it does not mean you cannot make a good impression. In fact, a few changes to your small office can give your organization the perfect image. 

If you are having trouble getting the right fixes for your conference room, you might need some few tips to get you going. Here are a few tips on how to upgrade your small conference room.

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Restructure the Room for Space

Space is obviously the main issue for small offices. It is most often a challenge to put in lots of gear in a space that is already limited. A good small conference room size should have at the minimum a couple of chairs, the main desk, and conference equipment. This means that any kind of restricting must put into account these minimum requirements. In order to achieve the perfect setup for your small room, you need to get well-designed furniture which optimizes for space. You can go for an effective and functional office arrangement where the design and placement of items are the key ingredients to effective utilization of space. In the modern day, you can do this without spending lots of cash. A good designer can actually give you the right setup with minimum costs.

Reevaluate and Upgrade Your Systems

The second thing you need to do is to evaluate your systems in order to get rid of outdated machines. Equipment like projectors, computers, and other office gadgets need to be constantly updated in order to give the desired service. Technology has improved in a relatively short span and the machines in use today are a far cry from those that were used five years ago. Small conference room web cameras in the modern day have the capability to record high definition videos without needing much investment. If you still have old and outdated speakers, opt for the small conference room sound system which produces clear high fidelity sound. Even projectors have become smaller and more efficient in the last couple of years. If you are looking to totally revamp your conference room, upgrading your systems must be at the core of your plans.

Opt for Modern and Improved Software

Another essential aspect of your office that must be upgraded is your system software. There is no denying that system software is the backbone of office operations in the modern day. Achieving any objective from small conference room video conferencing to recording data and making reports are all possible because of some enabling software. It is thus imperative to shop for new and improved operating systems in order to achieve convenient and efficient operations in the office. There are many options in the market for your office systems as well as mobile systems. The only important issue when going for software products is to emphasize on products that are flexible enough to offer seamless and unbounded communication.

Opt for Less Clutter

Clutter is common in most offices that are disorganized. Unnecessary items in the office can hinder productivity in the office and end up slowing down business. Clutter can come in many forms, the common culprits in the modern day being dated facilities. If you have a small office and you want to declutter it, you can make use of wireless technology where possible. In an era where things like cables are not necessary to make important office connections, you can make things neat and manageable by getting rid of such items. The market is full of wireless cameras, routers, computers and other gadgets which you can make use of in your small conference room to make it presentable and effective.

Anticipate and Plan for Future Changes

After restructuring your office and removing all the unnecessary items, it is finally time to plan for the future. Any new setup you get for your small conference room should be future-proof in such a way that you will get the maximum value of whatever new equipment you might by. While it might not be strictly necessary for you to even buy anything new, you need to consider the implications of any new setup or equipment you get. Hardware systems like cameras and speakers, for instance, should include modern features that make them useful for two or three more years to come. The arrangement of furniture and other facilities in the room should also reflect your future plans as an organization.


Upgrading your conference room can happen in many ways. The bottom-line is that you really need modern options if you want to optimize operations in your office. Modern conference facilities, especially products like ezTalks Onion (Meet S) or ezTalks Meetings which have the capacity to fully transform your modern small conference room are inevitable. You should thus put everything into perspective in order to make the right considerations.