What Is Visual Communication

What is visual communication? What is the definition of visual communication? What is the history of visual communication? Visual communication is not a recent invention. It has a long history. But before going to the history of the visual communication, first, we will try to know what exactly it is and how useful it is in the modern collaboration. Even if visual communication is not an old concept, still it is considered very useful for any communication including online collaboration. In the online collaboration tools like the ezTalks Meetings, you can share visuals and graphics to express your emotion and to keep your points in a better understanding way.

Visual communication is something that can be achieved through sight. It can be anything like eye contact, map, chart, facial expression, signals, and poster. You can also include the graphics, books, animation, illustration, painting, interactive web design, advertising,and the short film. All these come with a message in a beautiful way. These can be more impressive than the words.

Definition of Visual Communication

Visual communication is a way of the communication that people get through the reading or seeing. As mentioned earlier, it can be anything that shows a message. It expresses an idea and gives a piece of information with the use of the different signs, gestures, postures, and anything that can be expressible. It comes with an impressive power to inform and educate a person or groups. Just imagine while driving on an unknown road, we keep asking the people about the destination. But if you have a medium of visual communication like a map, you can simply find out the way without any help. You can say that visual communication can be anything that expresses the things in a beautiful and understandable manner. People rely more on the different forms of visual communication than the verbal communication as they get all the details with the signs and symbols.

History of Visual Communication

The history of visual communication can be traced back to a time when the writing was not invented. During that phase, people were relying on the paintings preserved in the caves and rocks. It dates back more than 40, 000 years ago. It was a part of the life of the people who were unknown to the writing and alphabets. In brief, it can be said that visual communication is an integral part of the human existence. Before the invention of the writing, people were relying on this traditional method of the communication to communicate with each other.

The invention of the alphabets created a new history in the ear of communication. It really made easier for the people to communicate with each other in a written way. After that, the books were being published and then we entered into an area where many technologies are incorporated to make the communication much easier than ever, this is the era of computer. In this area also, visualization has also a great role to play.

In the history, you will get many signs of visualization. These were mostly available in the rocks and caves. When Cro-Magnons arrived in Europe 40, 000 years back, they have bought sculptures, body ornamentation, engravings, and many more things that reflect the origin of the visual communication. They had also the paintings of the wild animals and many abstract paintings that reveal the thought process of the human being of that period.

They were also using the graphical symbols or the Ideograms to express their emotion. They were using these symbols to express a particular incident and to show any emotion. They were more comfortable with this medium of the communication as they were not familiar with the alphabet and languages. They were communicating through the gestures, painting, signs, and symbols.


Visual communication is a good combination of words, pictures, photography, symbols, and signs. These are more expressive and can be used both in the personal and professional levels. There are many advantages of visual communication in business in the current world. In fact, now these mediums are widely used in different types of the industries. People are using these tools to promote their business and to express their view in a unique and beautiful manner. It has been widely used in different communication tools including traditional and modern. Moreover, you can start a career with this communication medium and start to earn a huge due to its better-earning potential.