Tips for Effective Team Collaboration

An effective team collaboration has the capability to achieve what a single member of a team cannot on his/her own. An effective collaboration needs an effective leader. However, leading remote teams can often be rewarding, inspiring, and exhausting. A busy working environment can leave a very little time or scope to monitor team members & make sure that they are feeling creative, happy & on track. But with the following six effective and simple tips for effective collaboration with team members, a leader can have effective team collaboration.

6 Tips for Effective Collaboration with Team Members

1. Be Transparent

Working environments should have transparency. Transparency has been proved to help teams become more happy, creative, and accountable. It may sound like a pretty big claim but transparent working environments help in developing a relationship of mutual respect and understanding between team leaders and team members. Via consistent and open communication, authentic and transparent workplaces help employees in feeling secure & confident in their respective positions. As a result, team members will feel more confident and free to participate & contribute suggestions and ideas, which will enhance creativity.

2. Using Transparent Techniques or Tools

Experts believe that transparency is actually an important cornerstone to versatile and high-functioning teams. Many leaders use ezTalks video conferencing to achieve desired and effective project and team management. They achieve all these by offering their team members one overview of responsibilities and projects, via the shared project boards.

A specific task within a specific project is assigned or given to one specific member of the team, making the responsibilities of everyone clear. This also helps team members in understanding the role they are playing within a bigger picture.

With all responsibilities and tasks displayed transparently, the leaders of a team can go for the lesser hands-on approach, understanding that each response will be monitored by the person assigned.

3. Keep Communicating

This is a common thing that most of us have heard before; the basic thing of a productive and a cooperative team is a very good communication system.

The main idea is to create a collaborative environment or a system in which the leaders of a team are able to give constructive and honest feedback and the members of that team are comfortable to raise concerns & communicate with other team members.

For the members of a team that works remotely, ezTalks Cloud Meeting can offer an ideal and effective way to make sure that some one-to-one time can be achieved.

If a team is distributed and is working in different time zones, then you should consider setting up one standing appointment because it is important to know a suitable time that works for those team members. By not holding calls at an inconvenient time for the team members working remotely, the team members will be more comfortable and open to accurately and honestly communicate with the leaders or team members.

4. Try Chat Channels, like ezTalks Cloud Meeting

A great communication or chat tool is ezTalks Cloud Meeting. A lot of companies are using ezTalks Cloud Meeting already. The ezTalks Cloud Meeting works great whether a team is in one office or working remotely. It works great because it cuts down on e-mails & builds a friendly and positive working culture.

Everyone in an organization can start their productive day by updating on what they will be working or investing their time on. This will help in preventing siphoning between different teams & will give the managers a clear understanding about what everyone will be focussing on. It further helps other team members to contribute & offer their support when needed.

5. Provide Feedback

Providing feedback can be considered as a very good way to help your team members develop personally and professionally. Even if a leader has no improvement or negative feedback for a team member or members, he/she should ensure that regular opportunities are held to check-in on them. This way, a leader can offer advice on how he/she feel the members of the teams are progressing & could improve. Constructive feedback often helps team members to know or understand the areas for improvement. Sometimes, they even work as a compliment on how good they are working.

6. Encourage Collaboration and Team Effectiveness

Naturally, a member of a team will be happy if they get along fine with other members of the same team. This will help the team perform better.

A leader should know how to encourage collaboration in a team. Generally, a team consists of members with different skill sets that the leader should ensure are utilized properly.

These six effective team collaboration tips will help in mastering effective and productive team management. A sound communication system and team collaborative skills can help a team bring value to the projects and the organizations. Collaboration increases productivity as well as the value of the team. Effective team collaboration is achieved through proper and effective supportive and productive workflows.