What Is a Video Interview?

Video interview definition says that it is an in-person interview between two participants situated at different locations. These interviews are also known as video conferencing interviews. In order to know what is video conferencing interview,you will have to know about some free conference calling tools like ezTalk Cloud Meeting,Skype and AnyDesk etc. These interviews allow to take interviews of remotely based candidates eligible for a job in an easier and quicker manner along with saving travelling money and time.

Now a question arises what is a video conference interview? A video conferencing interview can be conducted with multiple participants,like a conference meeting.

Advantages of Video Interviews

Video interview offers various advantages like flexibility and speed to organize schedules for interview worldwide. Various video rooms or conference calling sites offer space to the interviewer and interviewees to schedule their interviews anytime within 24 hours.

Disadvantages of Video Interviews

The equipment used for video interviews and conferencing should be regularly maintained and updated to get the best results. But some of the free conference calling service providers do not care much in this regard. Some of the online video conferencing rooms do not have technical staff to help you in case of any problem occurring during a video interview.

Types of Video Interviews

Mainly there are two types of video interviews: asynchronous and synchronous.

Asynchronous or One-Way Video Interviews

These are pre-recorded interviews recorded by the jobseekers to submit to the employers. In this type of video interview the employer sends questions to be asked in the interview to the candidate in text format. The job seeker then record their answers in video format to send them back to the company. This video interview is known as asynchronous because there is no sync between both the participants.

Synchronous or Two-Way Live Video Interviews

Synchronous interviews are conducted live by using the Internet and some video conferencing tool like Skype for Business or ezTalk Cloud Meeting etc. It,what is video conference interview,is conducted live between the interviewer and the interviewee through some conferencing call service instead of some video chat service like Skype. It is better than video chat because it offers capabilities for recording and branding.

Process to Be Successful in a Video Interview

1. Basics for a Successful Video Interview

Some people who grew up using YouTube and Skype may find video interview process very simple but other may find it very difficult due to their hesitation in front of the camera. Most newbies ask what to wear to a video interview? The straightway answer to this question is that you should wear in which you are comfortable,keeping in mind the importance of your first impression to the interviewer. Though visuals are important for first impression but it does not mean that you should only look attractive. You should be careful and well-dressed while appearing for a video interview rest will depend up on your knowledge and experience about the job you are appearing for.

2. Setting up a Video Interview

A video interview can be made easier for both technical as well as non-technical candidates if they know its process. Brief information provided here under can help you in this regard.

For One-Way Video Interviews

While scheduling the video interview the interviewer should first of all develop templates containing the text of video based questions set for a specific job. Now set your limit of questions and time to ask them or set the deadline of the interview. Now either you should invite the candidate to answer them or post the questions on job related websites or social media. It will allow interested candidates to record their answers through a webcam or some mobile app. After the completion of the interview the candidate will receive an email to view and review its recordings before sending to the employer.

For Two-way or Live Video Interviews

For a live video interview,you can use various free conference calling services like ezTalk Cloud Meeting and start the process by selecting date and time to meet the candidates online. You should email personalized message to the prospective candidates to invite them for video interview. The interested candidates will notify you through email about their acceptance. So you can start video interview at scheduled date and time. You can also reschedule the interview,if you have to change its date or time due to any reason,by intimating the candidates in this regard through email.