Top 6 Different Cloud Service Providers

Cloud computing refers to storing your data on an external server. Over the past several years, cloud services have improved considerably. There are different types of cloud service providers that offer infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) besides the traditional cloud storage space. The different cloud service providers are offering Windows, Mac, iOS and Android solutions. They allow you to store all your data, including calendar information, contacts, emails, documents and media files. The cloud based service providers also allow you to access all your data via internet browsers or through the cloud service’s mobile or desktop app.

All the offers of cloud service companies allow you to store documents, videos and music, while a few provide broader storage options. When it comes to choosing the best cloud service provider, you have to base your preference on the particular features you need. Whether you need to back up your files for security, access your files on the go or collaborate with colleagues on projects, there are top cloud computing service providers that best suit your needs. Here is a list of several cloud service companies that can help you make your choice.

1. ezTalks

ezTalks Cloud is a service that provides feature-rich, easy and professional online conferencing services. This cloud service is a solution dedicated for business video collaboration. ezTalks Cloud offers a full range of hardware and software features for video conferencing, including HD video and audio. With this service, users are able to interact through ultra-high-definition video and clear audio. The cloud communication service also provides an innovative whiteboard that allows for text, erasing, highlighting, drawing, screen capture, and other tools. Users can share in real-time their screens and content with meeting participants. ezTalks Cloud also provides cross-platform chat. You can send your instant chat messages either privately or publicly. The chat app supports recording and playback. Users can keep their meetings orderly via lock meeting, permit speak, mute all, kick out, make presenter, and other settings. You can host ezTalks Cloud meetings from any device (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows), any place and anytime.


2. Amazon

Among cloud server service providers, Amazon Drive is considered as the best cloud service for personal use. Many customers have free access for their photos to Amazon Cloud Drive. Subscribers to Amazon Prime receive automatically unlimited photo storage and 5 GB of free storage for videos and files. In case that they need more storage, members of Amazon Prime can buy the Unlimited Storage plan. The Amazon cloud service provider differentiates itself from competitors through its focus on media, in particular on music. You can store your existing music library in Amazon Drive and any further MP3 purchase from Amazon is saved there as well. Amazon Drive offers a desktop app for Macs and PCs, as well as mobile access for iOS and Android.


3. Microsoft

Among the cloud service providers for small business, Microsoft OneDrive is considered the most affordable. It provides you 5 GB of storage space for free. You can sign up for a basic plan that offers 50 GB of storage space for less than $2 per month. The entry-level business plan provides you 1 TB of cloud storage per user for $5 per month. You can also get 5 TB of storage for each employee for only $10 per month per user. OneDrive is also available for older versions of Windows, mobile devices, and Mac users.


4. Google

Among cloud based service providers the offers the possibility to edit your files on the go, G Suite by Google Cloud is considered the best. With this app, you can edit your files in real time. This can be a very useful timesaving feature for users who need to perform changes immediately, such as editors, designers, writers and lawyers. G Suite has been known previously as Google Apps. This cloud-based service caters for both businesses and individual users and it offers lots of value, unrivaled accessibility and rich functionality. Through this service you can store and edit virtually any type of file in the cloud. In order to keep your files secure, G Suite employs advanced file encryption and password protection. You can access G Suite cloud service from the most common mobile device types, including Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.


5. Egnyte

Egnyte is a CSP cloud service provider that can cover all your storage needs. Whether you need cloud services for your business or for home, Egnyte allows you to store all types of files, from video and music files, to documents, contacts and emails. This cloud storage service doesn’t come with any cap on the file size. You can upload large files and you can even set permissions to share folders and files with other users. The Egnyte proprietary solution combines the local storage on existing infrastructure with the flexibility of the cloud. Due to this unique hybrid approach, the Egnyte cloud service enables collaboration, easy accessibility, and scalability. Users can access a customized Egnyte domain through any mobile web browser. There are also apps for Android, Windows Mobile, iPad, iPhone, and HP webOS operating systems.


6. Dropbox

Dropbox is considered to be the cloud service that offers the freest space. A basic account offers 16 GB of free storage space, while a pro account gives you as much as 32 GB of free storage. Dropbox is suitable for both small businesses and individual consumers. It is very easy to use and comes with a full feature set. Virtually any type of file can be stored in Dropbox, including videos, photos and word documents. There are Dropbox apps available for Blackberry, Android, iPad and iPhone. The cloud service also offers clients for the main operating systems, including Linux, Mac and Windows.



With some of the top tech companies in the world providing cloud services, cloud computing has lately become very trendy. Cloud based services are any type of application or web service that works in the cloud and can be accessed online. There are many advantages of using a cloud service. Among the most appealing is the fact that you can access any of your cloud stored from any internet connection on a handheld device or computer. Our list includes some of the best cloud service providers available on the market today.