Webinar Tips to Help Your Business in More Ways Than One

In today's digital world, the role of web based meetings, conferences and discussions is becoming quite common. There is no denying the fact that webinars are extremely powerful methods for improving quality and reach of education and also for bringing in speed and efficiency in business. It is a method by which it is possible for a small or large group of likeminded people to engage in a meaningful discussion. With this technology, it is possible to overcome the barriers of time and distance. However, it is important to understand some useful webinar tips so that we are able to take full advantage of this wonderful and proven technology. We will have a look at a few tips which could help in furthering the efficiency of this tool.

7 Tips for An Effective Webinar

1. Choose the Right Webinar Tools

To begin with it is important to choose the right webinar tools so that you are able to get the best out of it. There are many such options available in the market and the onus lies on the end user to choose the best webinar solutions. ezTalk Meetings is one such option which could be tried out because it seemingly has a number of important and customer friendly features. Spending some quality time on the internet would help in this endeavor.

2. Start with the Right Guideline

The first process which could help in the best of webinar is to have a clear understanding of the objective. Once this is clear, you should be able to create a proper blueprint. The blueprint should have a good flow chart of the way in which the presentation is going to move forward. Once the process flow is ready, it will be easy to create the text, content and video. Without this being in place, you could end up moving around in circles and the main purpose and objective might get lost.

3. Keep the Contents and Discussions to the Point

Since there could be many participants who could be taking part in such discussions, It is important to be sure that optimum use of time is made. As a general rule, all participants should try and make their presentations crisp and to the point. Use of unnecessary sentence and jargons should be avoided because you could be touching base with a wide variety of participants. The objective must be to reach the message across to the other participants whether it is text, contents or audio or video presentation.

4. Importance of Graphics

Graphs and other such visual aids could help decipher information quite easily when compared to contents running into pages. If you are looking for suitable tips for an effective webinar you must make intelligent and perhaps even generous use of graphics and audio visual contents. This could help in making things become easy to understand and all good webinars ensure that this point is taken care of.

5. The Need for Interaction

Any webinar should be made as interactive as possible. The tendency for one-upmanship and use of monologues should be curtailed if you are keen on hosting a webinar. Listening is a big skill in any communication and in a webinar where there could be many participants you must ensure that you pay attention to this aspect. Questions should be close ended to the extent possible so that time is not wasted on going back and forth on a single topic.

6. Restrict to the Main Subject

Quite often webinars tend to deviate from the main objective and topic and this should be avoided. The role of the main administrator who is conducting the webinar is important and he or she should ensure that the webinar remains within the four walls of the pre-defined objective without which it could drift and become uninteresting and irrelevant. This is especially true in a classroom environment where the onus lies on the teacher to make it very result oriented.

7. Be Sure about the Connectivity

Any webinar is as good or bad as the internet connectivity. Since the bandwidth requirement would be quite big in such group webinars care should be taken to ensure that the best of internet connectivity is available at all points of time. The upload and download speeds should be checked amongst all participants before moving ahead with the webinar. Downtime should be avoided even for a few seconds because it could upset the entire rhythm and pour cold water on the entire webinar. You must also have a standby internet connection in case the main connection fails because of some reasons.

It would not be a bad idea to have a dry run of the webinar if you feel that the actual event is very interesting because of various reasons. The final objective should be to make the event as smooth and seamless as possible so that the desired results are available.


In fine, conducting a successful webinar requires the perfect marriage between technology and human intervention. With such webinars becoming a norm these days, we are sure that the above webinar tips would be useful for all those who are keen on holding successful webinars.