How Much to Charge for A Webinar?


Creating a webinar can be both time consuming and very challenging in creating up its content. Charging the webinar is, therefore, a good way to get appreciated for your efforts and secondly as a source of income. Determining how much to charge for a webinar can be quite challenging sometimes because one has to make a decision basing on several factors.

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Factors to Consider When Charging for Webinars

Webinar is one of the most valuable resources when conducting online events. Determining how to charge for webinars is somehow challenging but after using some factors in determining their price, it is relatively easier. This article outlines some of the factors below:

1) Number of Participants

The number of participants in a webinar is used to determine how to price a webinar. For a webinar, if it is limited to the professionals in the industry and the numbers of participants is fixed. The smaller the number is, the cost of webinar services will be high. This is because the resources are more valuable and entry level of these kind of webinars are higher comparatively.

2) Duration of the Webinar

Webinars which lasts longer should be priced higher as compared to shorter webinars. The longer the webinar is, the higher the price of the webinar. As for how much does a webinar cost in regards of the duration, the above rule suits. It will take more s energy for maintenance and management of the webinar, such as webinar agenda, webinar structure etc. For example, in ezTalks Webinar, you can schedule the webinar in advance as well as put it into the agenda and estimate the time for this webinar. The participants will get to know the agenda and choose their entry time for the corresponding duration.

3) Features Offered in a Webinar

Most customers prefer webinars with many features as it enables them to do more using just one webinar. Pricing for the webinars, therefore, varies depending on the number of features that it has. ezTalks Webinars offers the roles as the participants and panelists in the webinar. The panelist has more interactive features such as presenting videos, contents, chatting etc. throughout the webinar, with limited options for participants. So for different roles, different charges should be made. Of course the panelist will cost more than the participants. The more they get, the more they should pay.

4) Quality of Content in a Webinar

Customers purchase your webinar on a certain price depending on the quality of the webinar. If your content contains advice that can change the life of the audience then you should consider setting a higher price. The audience invest in a webinar mostly to help themselves and if they get the right content from you no matter the price, they will always pay. The pricing for higher quality content is therefore higher than that for lower quality content. If this webinar is for general knowledge that one could simply find from most of the websites, then it should not be cost too highly. If it is for specialized know-how such as medical treatment, or environmental solutions, the cost should be highly.

5) Quality of Video and Audios

The quality of the video and audio matters a lot in webinars. Depending on the customer needs providing quality HD video and audio provides the best webinar experience. HD video and audio to produce requires a lot of input and resources. You should therefore greatly consider the quality and audio of your webinar when pricing them. Quality of video& audio matters when pricing webinars as you should price higher quality video& audio higher as compared to lower quality audio& video. Low cost webinar service often in poor video quality as experience reveals.


Pricing the webinars can be somehow challenging but with the above factors to consider, it should be relatively easier for you. However, audience satisfaction should be your main priority when creating the webinars since customer satisfaction will translate to more sales and better prices for your webinar.


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