5 Top Telecommunication Tools in the Workplace

The business world is moving rapidly leaving so many companies playing catch-up. If an organization is not quick to adapt to the changing technological world,then they can very easily end up leaving the market. These telecommunication tools are so essential. They can not only help you to increase your revenue but could also significantly boost the working morale of your employees. Your company will become an attractive working environment where everyone wants to be in. So what are these tools and how do you ensure that your business stays updated on some of the top telecommunication tools?

1. Intranet or Social Intranet

In the past,a simple notice board used to be enough to keep everyone updated. Each employee will just go through the board and access all the information from the management. This,however,can't work in the current world. No one should have to go through the notice board to access news and updates. Not when we are living in the 21st century where technology has changed everything. So how do you pass information to your employees? This is where social intranet comes in.Social intranet acts as a private platform accessible by employees within a given organization. In this platform,they can access all the updates and any other information they may need for efficient performance. Social intranet is so effective and convenient. Every employee regardless of their location in the business premises will access information so quickly without interfering with their work programs. Social Intranet will reduce cases of documents going missing or failing to reach their final audience. The amount of paperwork will also be significantly cut down by the company. New employees and interns will have more convenient access to the policies,work projects,and progress. All these are just but some of the benefits of using this particular telecommunication tool.

2. Group and Private Chat Rooms

This is another very crucial communication tool necessary in the business world. Most times within an organization different teams are working towards achieving different goals. It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that these teams can communicate and share information efficiently. The management should also be in a position to contact this team to monitor progress and give an update. How best to do so if not through the creation of chat rooms? Thanks to various software and application we can now do so very conveniently either through mobile gadgets or PCs. An example of software you can use here include:

a. ezTalks Cloud Meeting – This is an excellent teleconferencing software that helps you to host online meetings with up to 100 people for free. With this software,you can communicate with your whole team and utilize the provided whiteboard to present drawings and other figures. The other great benefit of this tool is that it can be used with people can being very far. They don’t have to be within the same premises to enjoy the high definition audio and video provided by eZtalks. Within the platform,you can also send private messages to some of the participants.

3. Case,Issue Tracking,and Ticketing software

Cases of a faulty or unresponsive website are very common. These problems can arise not just on the side of the employees but also to the customers. If a business does not have an effective strategy in place to deal with such problems,then it can result in massive failures. These sorts of breakdowns can even cripple the entire operations of a company. To make sure that this doesn't happen you'll need to have proper software where people can send their tickets for queries and cases and an equally perfect software for tracking the progress of those tickets. The software should also highlight the priority of each case and solve them appropriately. Every employee should be able to send a ticket and have it resolved within the shortest time possible. This ensures that they can continuously work efficiently. The customers and clients should also file their problems as soon as it happens. They should have access to the progress of these tickets. Failure to this will lead to the clients looking for alternatives which will affect not just the business revenues and income but also its reputation. It's therefore,inevitable that a business should have this important telecommunication tool.

4. Discussion Forums

For employees to stay motivated and goal oriented they need to feel like they are part of the team. They need to feel like they are on the same page with their bosses and fellow colleagues. They need to have a forum where they cannot just receive directions and rules but also to share their concerns. This is very useful as it helps to keep the management and the employees working towards the same goal. It makes employees feel motivated and valued. This will consequently be reflected in their performance improving the overall productivity of the business. The best way to achieve this is through the creation of digital discussion forums. A digital forum is useful and also economical. Such conferences can be conducted in platforms such as eZtalks cloud meeting,Skype for business,etc.

5. Internal Audio,Video,and Blogs

A company can experience a significant increase in employee's performance if they give them a digital platform to express their knowledge and concerns. The management itself could also use such a platform to disseminate information and updates to employees. These can be done either through audio or video files or blogs. There have been lots of studies done which have proven that most employees could contribute on important topics more freely when doing so in a digital format than if they are to do it face-to-face. With this,you can,therefore,have your employees sharing what they think about the services/products and the operations of the business. New hires can also use tutorial videos and audios shared to learn on how to execute some duties. Internal audio,video,and blogs remain within the organization so outsiders can never access them.

These are some of the top telecommunication tools in the workplace. If installed and used appropriately they guarantee to boost sharing of knowledge,engagement of employees and management and efficiency. Any business needs such improvements.