The 8 Benefits of Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are becoming the most efficient way to hold meetings in business today. They can be used for business meetings with colleagues and staff members, holding training sessions with employees, client interactions, document reviews and sales presentations. Still, many remain unfamiliar with these powerful virtual meetings tool or haven't yet gained the knowledge to employ it effectively. Regardless, this real-time and fast growing way to conduct meetings cannot be ignored, and if you are not yet exploiting this tool, now is the time to begin.

Here is a listing of key features and benefits of virtual meetings, that are conducted on the web using software such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting:

1. Online meetings are more cost effective compared to physical meeting.

The service only requires a computer or mobile device with internet connection. On the other hand, a physical meeting time requires time and money to travel, hotel accommodation expenses, other meeting facilities, and so on. Continued use of online meeting software to hold virtual meetings could save an organization a lot.

2. It allows connection from anywhere in the world.

The technological advancement in the modern world has improved the internet connection such that users on the web can connect and interact from any part of the world. They also save on space that could have been used for holding meetings, especially where the participants are many. This way, you can involve the entire team in business matters no matter where they are. Virtual meeting tools can, therefore, be used in almost every environment, whether for official or personal use.

3. Virtual meetings allow sharing of a broad variety of information in real time with all participants.

Connecting to the meeting only requires you to click on a specific URL, enter your username and passwords. The participants can then share information; whether text, video or audio without the need for expensive telephone bridge connections. Most web meeting software enable "pushing" of websites that you can lead your participants through, or they can interact on their own with the sites. As well, virtual meeting software also enables easy recording of your webinars for future reference and sharing with those unable to attend the actual real time session.

4. Increased opportunities.

It is not always possible to attend every meeting you receive an invite for. For instance, when hosting online meetings for potential clients, the number of attendants is mostly likely to increase if the event is conducted online as compared to the complicated traditional meetings. Virtual meetings give people the opportunity to attend from their workspace. They are also a quicker and efficient way to coordinate and conduct urgent meetings with various employees or departments in an organization.

5. Increased productivity and efficiency.

Virtual meetings depend on the flow of information and ease of communication between participants. They allow interaction through different channels. For instance, easily and directly uploaded PowerPoint files for onscreen viewing make video presentations online, coupled with the projection of you speaking at the side give the attendees virtually the same feeling and personalization they would get if they were actually in the same meeting room with you. Participants can, therefore, collaborate properly; as a result, business decisions are made faster, projects are completed on time, and there is an increase in the overall productivity.

6. Webcam enabled real time views of the speaker establish a much stronger personal "in the same room" feeling among the participants. Using desktop sharing software, the audience can follow along with virtually any operation you are conducting on your screen. This is great for training and review of documents.

7. Virtual meetings allow effective illustrations.

Whiteboard features enable drawing and typing on the screen to enable sketch type illustrations of ideas and capture of notes. Text chatting features enable easy question and answer interaction, surveys, and polls, sharing of website addresses and other information in real time.

8. Contribution to environmental protection.

Since virtual meetings systems work on green technology, organizations and businesses reduce the increasing the amount of carbon in the environment. This environment-friendly communication method that reduces travel and paper printing can be used by both small and medium sized businesses. With the availability of these tools that support the production of live video footages from anywhere in the world employees, customers and even students get a chance of contributing to the environmental conservation initiative. Picture source from pngix, pinpng,, trzcacak.

In today's ever changing world of business, the only effective way of keeping employees in the loop despite residing in different geographical locations is by use of top online meeting Software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting. There are many advantages of virtual meetings for both staff members, business partners, and organizations at large. To see your business grow exponentially, increase profit margins and the overall productivity, you need to invest in virtual meetings as early as now.