8 Best Meeting Software for Small Businesses

Online meeting software support both large and small businesses in their quest to enhance efficient communication with employees and clients in different locations. What qualifies online meeting software to be regarded as great? Best meeting software feature a number of aspects. The power of an online meeting software is vested in its ability to facilitate chat functions, file sharing, and screen sharing, document collaboration, meeting recording and remote desktop control. This article looks at 8 best video meeting software that are suitable for small businesses.

1. ezTalks Meetings

This is a very versatile online meeting tool. It allows small businesses to schedule meetings or conduct instant meetings efficiently. Other than facilitating online meetings and conferencing, it allows online learning sessions. ezTalks Meetings entails:

a,Both group and private chat.
b,Screen sharing, HD video and audio features.
c,Live broadcasting which is possible via a browser.
d,Unlimited number of meetings with as many as 100 participants for free.

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2. Fuze

This is the best internet meeting software for small businesses that need online meeting services at a cost effective rate. Fuze has a free plan which allows for unlimited meetings involving a maximum number of 25 participants. Fuze also allows audio and video conferencing and recording of virtual meetings. It also has tools that enhance editing of documents and PDF files. More so, Fuze incorporates a mobile app that enables users to join meetings using their mobile devices.

3. Cisco WebEx

This is probably one of the best virtual meeting software that is very popular in the market. It has been in existence for a longer duration of time compared to other online meeting software. To use this virtual meeting software, it is necessary for individuals to install the WebEx Plugin to their PCs. This enables speedy hosting of meetings as well as joining meetings. A few clicks open the doors to screen sharing, team collaboration and so on. Merits of Cisco WebEx are:

a,Endowed with varied subscription plans to adequately address the needs of small businesses, individuals and large businesses.
b,The “presenter” role can easily be passed on from one participant to another.
c,It allows face to face chatting.
d,It utilizes apps on one’s PC thus allowing quick joining and hosting of meetings.

4. GoToMeeting

This online meeting software is considered as one of the best collaborative meeting software as it enables sharing of desktops among individuals and document collaboration. It is exclusively used to address the virtual meetings needs of small companies. It allows virtual meetings comprising of up to 15 participants. The participants can engage in chatting, share screens and record the meeting. It is also possible for meetings to include up to 25 people when using the corporate version of GoToMeeting. To use online meeting tool, users need to install the GoToMeeting app on their PCs. Merits of GoToMeeting are as follows:

a,It is very user friendly: Participants hardly take time to comprehend the features and capabilities of this online meeting software.
b,Offers attractive features such as desktop and screen sharing and HD video conferencing.
c,Features mobile apps that enable individuals to take part in meetings using their Android devices.
d,Very easy for attendees to join meetings once they install a tiny plug in on their PCs or Android devices.
e,Meeting sessions can be recorded and sent to participants.

5. Microsoft Office Live Meeting

This online meeting software has a wide array of features that support effective online meetings. It is viewed as one of the best internet meeting software because it can support online meetings ranging from basic meetings, web seminars to online training sessions. It is equipped with the following attributes:

a,An outlook add-on. It enables scheduling of online meetings in a manner similar to face to face meetings.
b,It entails search feature. This feature allows participants to search for content (both present and past meeting documents). Even so, it is not possible to search for audio or video content.

6. Join.me

It is one of the best remote meeting software that exists. It competently serves as a remote control and support tool as well as an online meeting tool. This software facilitates file sharing, chatting, screen sharing and remote viewing via iOS and Android apps. 

7. Google+ Hangouts

The inclusion of document collaboration and screen sharing has earned Google+ Hangouts reputation as the best video meeting software. A Google account, a microphone and a webcam is all that users require to host or participate in an online meeting. This virtual meeting software guarantees the following:

a,Clear and large video display.
b,Free voice calls.
c,Addition of several participants in an online meeting.
d,Sharing and collaboration of documents via Google Docs.

8. iMeet

Although it is devoid of a free plan, this online meeting software offers online meeting services at affordable rates. For instance, iMeet offers a basic plan which entails unlimited meetings comprising of 10 participants. The plan also supports file and screen sharing and audio and video conferencing. Besides, it features an interface that is simple to use. 

As explained above, small businesses require online meeting software/tools that can facilitate effective online communication and collaboration with both employees and clients. The online meetings software explored here are some of the best virtual meeting software that small businesses should incorporate in their online communication endeavors.