5 Best Meeting Scheduling Tools

Meetings are very important in any organization,and there is a need to optimize how they are carried out. There are few things as stressful as scheduling a meeting,as it often involves a back and forth exchange of seemingly unending emails. There is good news,however,as meeting scheduling tools are here to make things better. These tools are very well designed to make meeting scheduling an enjoyable process. It has been revealed that the average worker spends about 6 hours a day sending and replying emails. With a meeting scheduler tool,you can reduce these hours and improve your productivity.

There are several tools for scheduling meetings,so it is often a tough choice to choose the right one for you. Ideally,a meeting scheduler tool works with a wide range of calendar apps,and allow you to book meetings seamlessly. Many scheduler tools make sure to have added functionalities that make them stand out from their peers. As a result of this,people have so many tools to choose from,which could often prove to be a challenge. We have decided to make your decision making much easier by curating 5 best meeting scheduler tools around. In no particular order,they are outlined below.

• NeedToMeet

This is one of the very notable meeting scheduling tool that helps businesses manage their meeting schedules. This tool creates a meeting event page which you can share with your invitees,they can then register for any open slots.A good part of this scheduling meeting tool is that everyone visiting the registration page can see the availability date set by everyone else. This means that the invitees will adjust their schedules to suit the general availability of the remaining invitees. This ensures that the back and forth exchanges in traditional email scheduling is limited. You can sync your schedules on Outlook,ensuring a unified operational zone. You can try out NeedToMeet here.

• ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is perhaps the best scheduling meeting tool around. ezTalks Cloud Meeting allows you to schedule a meeting online and invite your wanted ones to attend the meeting. ezTalks Cloud Meeting facilitates meeting scheduling activity,by allowing you inform guests of upcoming meetings,as well as resolve issues by tweaking schedules appropriately. However,it does more than that. Apart from scheduling meetings,you can also host a scheduled meeting online with colleagues,clients through high definition video and audio,as if you're in the same meeting room.

The best part of this scheduling meeting tool is that it possesses great tools to help you with other parts of your meetings. It has quality audio and HD video technology that can be used for meetings. It also allows for screen sharing,instant messaging,interactive whiteboard and mores,making sure collaboration is easier. You can also record your meetings for future reference. You get a free version once you sign up for ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

• Doodle

This is a tool to schedule meeting that allows you to put your proposed meeting time to a vote with just a few clicks. Important information about the meeting,such as location,outline,etc.,can be specified in this meeting scheduling tool. Proposed invitees can then enter their email addresses and vote for their preferred time slots.

This meeting scheduling tool ensures that every invitee is involved in the decision making process. The Doodle app comes with a free version that contains ads,but you can upgrade to the premium version which is free of ads and can integrate Google,iCloud and Outlook calendars.

• Calendly

Calendly is a very popular tool that helps you in scheduling meetings. This tool depends almost entirely on Google,and the sign in process requires a Google sign-in. Calendly syncs well with Google Calender,iCloud and Outlook calendar. You can clone meetings as well as save your preferences,meaning you save time on scheduling new similar meetings. This meeting scheduler tool also allows you to create custom event links for sharing events with customers and clients alike. Calendly is available in both a free a premium version.

• Assistant.to

This is a tool for scheduling meetings that allows you to sync all your meetings with your Google account. Assistant.to operates as a Google Chrome extension which adds a widget to all “compose new message” prompts in Gmail. All you have to do is choose your desired time,and the recipient of your mail will be asked to choose a time that works for them as well.

Assistant.to is compatible with both personal and business-type Google accounts,although it only works with one-on-one meeting schedules and cannot schedule with more than one invitee. The Assistant.to extension is free to use.


There is no doubt that meeting scheduler tools can help save your time and increase your productivity. Meetings are made to serve various purposes,and with these tools,you can take your business to the next level. There are several of these meeting scheduler tools,but we have brought out the very best,helping to simplify your decision making. Now that you know everything about these tools,choosing the right one for your business should be an easy task.