Future of Collaboration Technology: Collaboration Trends 2019

Collaboration is a very broad term which means working together in different set ups. In this era where technology is quite powerful, collaboration means a setup of online communication between two or more people to work on the same project. This is possible even when they are not present at the same location. They can communicate with one another over a virtual team and achieve the same goal.

Every year there are some new trends that are coming into existence. All these features and trends will definitely help you achieve your goals along with your team members easily. Some of the best collaboration trends 2019 that you can expect are:

The Future of Collaboration Technology

: BYOS or Bring Your Own Software

Slowly the boundaries between the home and work are getting blurred. Some best collaboration software on the other hand must allow all the people to work seamlessly across any locations, devices and platforms. There are many companies which allow their employees to bring their devices to the office i.e. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). So, the latest trend of 2019 collaboration is that may corporate institute will allow you to bring your own software for collaboration. 

: More Contextual Messaging of Team

One of the latest collaboration trends is that it will accommodate a smoother nature of discussion in teams by creating more channels for discussion. Thus, you will get more and better context for their discussion. Though messaging and real time chat options are there, they often lack the presence of relevant channels for discussion.

: More & Better Options for Real-Time Collaboration

Of course collaboration with team members has become easier due to some real-time options. These include screen sharing, files sharing, white boards, document editing etc. All these have made it a lot easier to have a group video chat  smoothly just like a traditional meeting or conference. In 2019 you can expect more real time features to crop up. This will help your creativity and easiness in collaboration process through a virtual platform.

: Rise Of Intelligence BOT In Collaboration Software

Siri and Cortana are already some familiar names of BOTs. These BOTs scan the emails of your phone and laptop to inform you about the event and also ask whether you will like add it to the calendar or not. This helps to make your work easier. You can expect the addition of this latest trend to the team collaboration tools. They will scan the discussion thread and then schedule your tasks as well as meetings based on what that BOT reads.

: Visually More Attractive UI

Now the user interface of the collaboration tools are quite simple and boring. But in 2019 you can expect an improved visuals with a much user friendly interface. Tapping, swiping and scrolling will become much easier and better. Collaboration tools with improved visuals and functions will make it easier for you to connect with people sitting at various corners of the world and collaborate with them.

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