10 Tips to Improve Online Group Communication

Online communication is a kind of interaction either between two or more different parties or organization through social media platforms by the use of the Internet. Here, individuals or the organizations communicate to each other by use of networked computers and more recently by the use of networked cell phones. The use of channels in communications enables communication of a large group of a person. Groups can be created within such platforms to facilitate the flow of information within a society. This, therefore, enables the online group communications.

An online group communication is, therefore, communication allows the users or the organizations to create, post, comment or rather read contents of their own interests or discuss issues affecting their being. The group communications are often maintained by moderators or even the persons creating them where in case of any use of demeaning language, the moderator shall edit making necessary changes before it reaches the intended audience.

online group communication

1. Use ezTalks Meetings

Video conferencing is a product of the latest technology in the world's digital error. Instead of making long traveling hours to attend group meetings, you can simply organize, within his/her workplace, a conferencing room by using live video conferencing software to convey the message to the intended audience. It is the software that empowers such conveyance of information, where you can share text messages, videos, images, screens or even interactive whiteboards with colleagues, clients, partners and others in real time.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is software for live video conferencing that compromises real-time resolutions. It is commonly used by companies that enables them to connect with its employees, clients and others instantly either through smartphones, tablet or by use of computers. The use of this software is advantageous because it has a free version where multiple participants can share their issues. Some of its key feature includes screen sharing, online meeting scheduling, live recordings, private chat , group chats among others.

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2. Employ Feedback Mechanism

To improve online group communication, it is important that a feedback mechanism be created to form part of the communication. This ensures that communications made can be easily scrutinized by the members to ensure there is a blend of the needed information conveyed to everyone.

3. Apply Mixed Communications

Most of the online groups evolve around typed messages and texts. it is advisable that oral communication be used too. This can be achieved by audio recording or video taking. The use of such systems ensures that parties who find it difficult in reading text or messages can now easily listen to audios or just watch the videos while grasping the information.

4. Use Precise and Limited Information

In order to enhance group communication online, the information being conveyed should be kept short, precise and to the issue at hand. Long but self-explanatory communications are tiresome and waste more of the readers time. The reader may also get discouraged to such information making him/her leave out an important part which needed an attention. This for gaining the undivided attention of the members.

5. Pass the Message in Multiple Forms

Convey your messages in mixed multiple forms, for example while giving out an oral communication, combine it with appropriate body expressions, different tones and even apply so facial expressions. This shall capture the party's attention and grasp the information fast and be able to retain it for a longer period.

6. Understands the Individual Members

Online groups involve a lot of participants, therefore, it is important that each individual knows and understands each of their members. These include the skills or talents that a member possesses or the weaknesses. It is important to address the members on their strengths rather than on weaknesses. Only convey positive information.

7. At Least Know the Individual Members

Address the persons involved by names, this is important for effective online group communication as it leads to personal touch with the members and confidence. Make the pronunciations of the names better and the spelling errors in texts messages. This is to the effect that at least each individual may earn you loyalty.

8. Layout Etiquette

Define a well-working etiquette for each member. This will enable all the members to collaborate well with others and enable them to achieve a common goal altogether.

9. Monitor Members

Closely monitor the members and provide them with instructions where need be. The members may have queries on some of the information where they don't get the information right and it is only the sender who can make such clarifications give a meaning. Close monitoring by the moderator ensures that all members adhere to the rules governing the online communication for group for a mutual co-existence.

10. Plan Activities for Members

The moderators should devise activities relevant and specific to the issues conveyed. Activities which improves on engagement and relate to real-life situations will lead to better responses from the members. Relevant websites, links, videos or even audios shall lead to a better engagement of the participants.


Group communication online has surplus merits than demerits the parties using, for instance, the messages passed reaches a wider audience, the information is also stored or documented, enabling easy retrieval and flexibility on the content, since information is achieved as errors made by the sender can easily be corrected.

And finally, it encourages reflection as participants get in touch with every information, old or new regardless of the publishing date and it provides for relevance as the real-life experiences can be mutually benefited and exchanged among individuals.