7 Ways to Make Online Presentation More Interesting

When you get an opportunity to deliver an online presentation, be it a video conference with your employees, co-workers or superiors, it is essential that you ensure your listeners do not get bored.

It is common that people lose attention and concentration and start to daydream whenever they lack interest in a task or activity they are participating. Usually, this results in terrible consequences and even worse when you are attempting to pitch clients or engage prospects. Hence, there’s every need for you to take a look at the following tips that make your online presentation more interesting and funny.

Create demonstrations

One of the best ways to ensure your online presentation is lively is to create visual demonstrations of anything that matches with what you are presenting. A good example is to take advantage of software that allows the audience to see instead of limited to listening only.

The feature of desktop sharing in ezTalks just allows your audience to see your desktop live, which enables you to do step-by-step demonstration.

Use humor/jokes

Focusing on the presentation only is not the best, but mixing humor along the way of your presentation to ensure your audience is live that counts. Cracking a joke always captures the interest of your audience. Humor can even make difficult and tedious online presentation entertaining.

Note: Don’t extend the job or funny moments too much, or it may lose the goal of your conference.

Participation of your audience

This is yet another great style of online presentation that adds interest and fun. Invite your audience to participate. Normally, this should be in the form of Q & A approach or give them a chance to say their comments or views. When you allow your audience to participate in the session, they get tuned into the meeting. Posing questions to your audience during the session or requesting them to submit their comments or questions will also keep your listeners attentive.

Form brainstorming sessions

In your online presentation, cater some time for brainstorming. It is an excellent way to stimulate interest in an audience who is losing attention. Depending on the kind of conference you are hosting, you can also set up chat rooms. Multiple groups can be allocated to brainstorm and present their ideas later.

Note: ezTalks allows you to chat either publicly or privately.

Ensure you’re having fun yourself

It always starts with you the presenter, if you are not interested or having fun in what you are presenting, then how do you expect your listeners to be interested? So, put your heart into it.

Use visuals

A majority of people absorb visual information better than verbal information. Visual representations of your online presentations, lessons, concepts and thoughts is a fantastic and unique way to deliver the relationships that exist in different parts. Images make the audience focus and engage with the message of your presentation.

Have a script to follow

Having a script to follow helps you avoid stumbling on the way of your online presentation which leads to long pauses making the presentation boring and monotonous. Your can be either detailed or simple, which depends on your need.