Proxy for parsing: why you need and which ones to choose

What are proxies and why are they necessary for parsing

A proxy is an invisibility cloak that hides the device's real IP address. Due to this, you can access any sites previously closed to you. Proxies are also used for professional tasks such as data parsing. When using a proxy, the site you want to visit sees not your IP, but the IP of the proxy server. Usually thousands of proxies are used for parsing (or one with rotation) in order to distribute the total number of search queries between them and not exceed the server limit. If this is not done, a captcha will appear for a large number of requests from one address, which is problematic to solve automatically. Further - worse, your IP address will be blacklisted, and you will lose access to the resource on which you need to parse information.

You have to choose the right countries and quantity. The good news is that provides discounts on renting a large package of proxies. Write to the manager in the chat window. He will select a proxy for your tasks and offer a favorable offer with a discount.

What is parsing for?

Parsing is needed to collect data about competitors' products and the target audience. Extracting information about products, promotions and prices from online markets, and then converting it into analytical data is an important part of the process of determining the pricing of a company's products.

Market research

Market analysis is the most important part of a marketing company, which is performed both before the start of product sales and planned, once a month, a week, etc. Accurate and massive parsing data is indispensable for companies. With their help, you can find out consumer interests and decide in which direction to develop. Companies use data to track competitors' activities, optimize entry points, and understand general market trends. This will allow you to introduce new developments and constantly improve your product and services. If you neglect parsing, then competitors will easily overtake you.

News monitoring

Modern mass media create value or a threat to business with just one piece of news. This is especially true of the stock market and cryptocurrencies. The sites provide detailed reports on current news. Parsing news data is an ideal solution for monitoring, aggregating and analyzing the most important news for your industry. For example, if you have a construction company, it is vital to know the changes in the relevant laws and regulations.

Security and legitimacy of proxy usage

When it comes to parsing web pages, using a proxy server is one of the best methods because it provides protection and anonymity to the parser. Proxy servers themselves are legal. As long as the parsing logic is consistent with website provisions, robots.txt and maps - you're in no danger. It's important to follow best practices for parsing web pages and to respect the rules of the websites you're parsing. 

The choice of proxy type should be deliberate. Depending on the website from which you are going to automatically collect data, you can choose between server, residential, or mobile. The good news is that in most cases, the most affordable server proxies will do. Only specific sites will require you to rent residential proxies.