Complete Guide to Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates

Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates

If you seek the ultimate solution to configure shipping rates in your store, Magento 2 shipping table rates is the perfect extension for your needs.
Based on data, nearly 80% of abandoned carts stem from unfavorable delivery rates - a significant figure that demands attention. To ensure business prosperity and customer contentment, it's crucial to thoughtfully consider the delivery rates you present to your customers.
One of the primary challenges confronting merchants on Magento is the complexity of configuring and overseeing shipping rates. Magento offers a predetermined list of shipping rates, potentially resulting in customers getting less-than-ideal rates for their purchases. 

This can pose a considerable challenge for stores requiring diverse shipping options across various regions or frequently adjusting rates to accommodate cost changes, promotions, or carrier rate fluctuations.

Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates by Mirasvit

Mirasvit's Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates is a robust extension crafted to empower eCommerce store owners with absolute command over their shipping rates.

This extension empowers you to create sophisticated and personalized shipping rules, taking into account elements such as weight, price, destination, and the number of items in each order. It effortlessly computes the shipping cost for every order based on your specified conditions.

Delivering unmatched flexibility, this extension redefines the setting of delivery table rates, presenting a holistic and adaptable solution tailored for eCommerce businesses.

Configuring the Shipping Table Rates

Establish the conditions. Outline the circumstances in which particular shipping rates will be enforced. These conditions may revolve around the sub-order amount, weight, destination (zip codes, states, and countries), and the number of items.

Import data efficiently. Utilize the CSV file format to effortlessly restore your store's customized shipping rates.

Validate the setup. Before implementation, rigorously test your configured shipping rates to ensure their accurate application in diverse order scenarios.

 Key attributes of the expansion include (Further details can be added as needed):

  • Endless delivery possibilities. Craft numerous shipping methods tailored to your logistical requirements and customer preferences.
  • Versatile rate computation. The extension accommodates diverse shipping cost calculation methods, embracing flat rates, percentages of subtotals, and cumulative rates based on product attributes.
  • Destination-driven pricing. Establish shipping rates for specific geographical locations, granting meticulous control over international or regional shipping costs.
  • Quantity and weight-based rates. Tailor rates according to total order weight or the number of items, offering adaptability for a wide range of products.
  • Threshold customization. Set minimum and maximum thresholds to precisely define the limits within which the shipping rate will be applicable.

 The best strategies for forming delivery rates

 Shipping Table Rates provide a dynamic feature, enabling the flexible adjustment of shipping rates based on various conditions.

 This functionality empowers stores to craft adaptable and personalized shipping strategies, playing a crucial role in sustaining competitiveness and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Shipping Table Rates.

  • Tailored Regional Tariffs. Establish distinct rates based on the destination, allowing variations depending on the region or country.
  • Business-Centric Adaptation. In the settings, consider parameters such as weight, volume, and price, customizing these settings to align with specific business requirements.
  • Boosting Order Sales. Offering convenient shipping rates or free shipping for a specific order amount serves as a powerful incentive, encouraging users to make purchases.
  • Customer Convenience. Transparency in delivery costs provides customers with clarity, helping them anticipate expenses and plan accordingly.

Practical Strategies for Utilizing Shipping Table Rates

  • Flexible Tariff Application.  Establish charges by considering a spectrum of conditions such as destination, weight, price, and the quantity of products.
  •  Regional Segmentation. Establish different rates for various regions or countries, aiding in adaptation to diverse markets and varying shipping costs globally.
  • Free Shipping Incentive. Grant complimentary shipping when customers meet a particular order threshold or accumulate a specified number of items, encouraging them to explore further purchases.
  •  Promotions and Discounts. Utilize rates to implement promotions, such as shipping cost discounts during specific periods (e.g., pre-holiday) or for specific products. 
  •  Considering Product Size and Weight. Tailor tariffs by factoring in the weight and volume of goods, providing a more precise determination of delivery costs.
  • Crafting Combined Conditions. Employ combinations of conditions to devise intricate rates that account for multiple factors simultaneously.
  • Frequent Tariff Updates. Ensure your shipping rates remain current by regularly updating them, taking into account changes in carrier pricing or adjustments to your shipping policy.
  • Valuing Customer Feedback. Take note of customer reviews concerning shipping options and costs, implementing changes to enhance service based on valuable feedback.


In conclusion, Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates by Mirasvit offers a comprehensive solution for configuring shipping rates in your store. With its robust features and flexible customization options, businesses can overcome the challenges of complex shipping calculations and provide tailored shipping experiences to customers. By leveraging this extension, merchants can enhance customer satisfaction, boost sales, and stay competitive in the dynamic eCommerce landscape.