What’s the Difference between Webinar and Web Conference

In the world of the online collaborations,you will find different types of tools to arrange your online meetings. If you choose some developed software likeezTalks Cloud Meetingand ezTalks Webinar,you can get some improved features to arrange the meetings in the real time with the anticipated outcome. As different types of the tools are available for the online collaborations,it becomes difficult for the beginners to find a difference between different types like the webinar and web conference. People think that these two concepts are same and they only differ in the plans and features. But in reality,these two are different. In this article,you will come to know the difference between webinar and web conference.

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What Is Webinar?

Webinar is a type of web conferencing. The webinar is a lecture,presentation,workshop,or a seminar that is arranged through the online collaboration tools. It comes with some restrictive interactive elements to receive and discuss some topic in real time. It offers a friendly and healthy teaching environment.

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What Is Web Conferencing?

Web conferencing is a broader concept. It comes with three models,software,hosting service,and appliance. All these models facilitate the online collaborations. It is used to arrange real-time online meetings,remote training,and live meeting. It also comes with many developed features to make the meetings more effective. Sound,video,and even the screens can be shared in a web conferencing. The users will also be allowed for the private and the group chats. If you use some developed software,you can get some improved features to make the meetings easy,effective,and more productive. You can share the screen,documents,and host.

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Webinar vs Web Conference: What Are the Differences?

As mentioned earlier,webinar is a type of web conferencing. When web conferencing offers video and audio communication among different remote locations to arrange meeting,presentations,and training through the online collaboration tools,webinar comes with a restrictive nature. It uses software for the online collaboration. It offers only one-way communication. It allows a limited remote audience interaction.

1. Web Conferencing Is More Interactive

Web conferencing comes with many advanced features. Web conferencing is more interactive in nature. In the web conferencing,the participants will be allowed to share the desktop,screen,and the applications at ease. They can also transfer the controls to increase the efficiency of the meeting and to get a productive result. You will have the meeting recording,user pooling,and whiteboards that you cannot expect from the webinars. Webinars are not that interactive and these online collaborations come with a few features and allow restricted interactions.

2. Webinars Are Group Oriented

As the webinars are arranged for some specific purposes like the presentations and seminars,they focus more on the larger group of the participants. These are not interactive. They do not focus on the interactions. Instead,they include the slide shows and the power points. In the webinars,the speakers are allowed to interact and the other participants' interaction ability will be limited. They might involve multiple groups,but many of them can attend the webinars through a registration without having any ability to interact. In the webinars,you will not find any developed features like the control sharing,remote control,document sharing,and remote screen sharing.

3. One Way Transmission

When the webinars are considered as the one-way transmission of information,the web conferencing is more flexible in nature. In the web conferencing,all the participants will be allowed to share their views. In the webinar,the speaker gets the prime importance and it has the power to control the meetings. The speakers present a piece of the information through different ways like the slide show. All the participants can have that information via their computer through a specific ID and registration. The web conferences are completely different. It is more flexible,productive,and offers a real-time solution with the active participation of all the participants. But like the web conferencing,the webinars are arranged through the software. All the participants can ask the questions via text chat in the real time and can get an answer,and only for some interactive particpants can be allowed to communicate via video and audio chat. Moreover,it has a specific starting and closing time like any other web conferencing.

Web conferencing tools are highly collaborative and interactive in nature. Web conferencing normally involves a smaller group of the participants. But the webinars are less collaborative,but they involve with the large group of the audience. These are more informative in nature. These are likely questions and answer sessions. The major difference between these two types is that the webinars do not involve a two-way communication that is the goal of the web conferencing.

Both of these come with some distinctive features. Before choosing any of them,you will have to understand your requirements first. You need to know what types of collaboration tools you want and which one can offer more facilities to achieve the end result.