What Is Telework?

Information technology is widespread nowadays and people use it to solve different problems and purposes in their lives. The technology is widely used in offices,homes,schools,colleges etc. In the past few years,telework has gained widespread importance because of easy accessibility to communication tools,like phones,fax,modems,Internet,emails,instant messengers etc.

Teleworking helps people perform duties from remote locations. Teleworking also helps people work from home. There are often pregnant ladies or sick people who are unable to physically go to work and hence they can use modern technologies to get their work done. So let's look at teleworking definition?

What Is Telework?

If we want to define telework,it is a work arrangement in which employees are allowed to perform their official duties from another authorized workplace instead of their regular workplaces. This can be the employees' homes or teleworking centers. Telework does not include any work done,while on official travel or mobile work. The term "flexible workplace" is also used to describe telework.

Advantages of Telework

In the above,we tell you the teleworking meaning. There are certain advantages for employees as they are spending less time on travelling and commuting. Employees also get the flexibility of work hour and a better work and personal life balance.

Coming to the advantages of employers,the employers will save a good amount of cost on not having offices and furnitures. The workers can be more productive since they do not have to face any distraction. There can be higher employee retention because the employees have the flexibility of working from some other place and not come to the offices if they are having some kind of personal problems.

Disadvantages of Telework

A few disadvantages would be that the employers would have to invest a lot on setting up the telework center with the equipments and Internet connectivity. Employees might not respect the time schedule and start taking things lightly as there is no supervision.

Differences between Telecommuting and Teleworking

People often say that teleworking and telecommuting are the same thing. However,teleworking is a broader term than telecommuting. Telecommuting is a type of teleworking.

Telecommuters are always teleworkers,but teleworkers are not only telecommuters. Teleworkers are people who have to travel to and fro from one location on a regular basis,but they are not telecommuters because they still have to move out and go. A few Examples about teleworkers would be:

•Working regularly from a working space to where employees need to go.

•Working on various projects or going to a client site,but not going to the main office.

•Working from a satellite office,which is not the main office but has been made for convenience of a few employees.

•Working from other places which allow you to work,examples: cafes,hotel lobby,shared workspace,airport lounge etc.

On the other hand,a telecommuter would be some person who is working from home and is not moving out or commuting to some other place to work. Examples would be:

•Working at home using Internet,mail,phone,etc.

•Working by having an office at home in one of the rooms,garage,etc.

According to a research done by a few companies,people who ask for telecommuting or teleworking arrangements are more readily hired when they use the term "telework".

An Effective Video Conferencing Tool for Telework

What does telework mean? We're sure after reading the parts above,you quite understand. With employees and employers fine with telework atmosphere,there is a demand for good software or platforms where meeting can be held between all the employees. Using ezTalks Cloud Meeting,a teleworker can make unlimited calls and unlimited meeting with others in different locations. The calls are so good that teleworkers feel that they are sitting in front of one another.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers free plans in which up to 100 participants can take part simultaneously. This video conference tool is free and has high end features like content sharing,screen sharing,whiteboard,private chat,group chat,online meeting scheduling and so on. This is one of the best tools which is used by many businesses worldwide.


With globalization and ease of doing business around the world,there are many people which are sitting at their home and working for various companies based in another location. This leads to a demand in a proper video conferencing tool in which employers can address their employees together. This kind of working atmosphere saves a lot of cost on maintaining offices and also saves time for commuting.