Best 3 Free Online Training Software

Online training software creates a platform where staff can attend training courses irrespective of their various locations. It includes software command and operates teaching. It involves exercises that will improve the staffs technical skills. It is separated into two kinds: self enrolled courses and in house training program. With online training software,staffs can attend training flexibly. Although there're lots of online training software,many of them need to pay. If you're looking for some free online training software to conduct staff training,you come to the right place. In the following part,we pick up best 3 softwares for you to select from.

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is particularly designed to give a complete solution for online training. It works great on your PC,Mac,Android and iOS devices. With its help,you can conduct online training with up to 100 participants no matter where they are. The high-definition video and crystal audio it believes make the online training smoothly and seamlessly.In the online training course,you can easily share your screens to staff to demonstrate your ideas,use interactive whiteboards to sketch out ideas,send texts privately or publicly to interactive with staffs. Additionally,it gives you the power to take full control the online trainings,like swap presenter,mute and unmute anyone,allow speak,lock and unlock the training room,etc. All in all,ezTalks Meetings is powerful online training software for staff training.

2. AdaptiveU

AdaptiveU is made to be a springboard for new employees in a team by helping their personal development in their respective parts. It is a cheap remedy to get the staffs up and running in short time. This atmosphere facilitates the procedure of onboarding,by ways of exclusive courses in the way of quizzes,videos,useful web links and presentations.

AdaptiveU is scalable and trackable,assisting in the checking of staffs. To facilitate competitiveness,staffs who effectively finish challenges in the free online training software can be rewarded with scores. Moreover,this software has a feature to place in house store,where scores made can be redeemed for actual time offerings from the company.

3. Zoho Showtime

Zoho Showtime is a free online software for training that allow the trainer engage,assess and preset the talents. Availing actual time polls,quick feedback and virtual questions and answers connect with the trainers. Check the sessions with descriptive analytics and enhance the training. Make a digital footprint with the online training software profile page and become highly visible to prospective customers.

With this free online software for training,training programs become very interactive and revivify traditional face to face training. It is engaging and completely valuable to make a try of Zoho Showtime,since it provides a number of features,including the capability for trainers to see the slides on the gadgets,ask questions,comment,and more.


With online training software,staff can finish the training program at the time of breaks or after routine work time. Moreover,staffs don’t need to travel distant because they can finish the training program even in the house. Even though it needs more time and effort,work distractions can be prevented. You can access the different kinds of free online training software for staff training review and choose the best one according to your needs and preference.