What Is a Webinar and Its Benefits


Modern day technologies are responsible for transforming the form of businesses to a large extent. Previously,one needed to overcome many obstacles in order to attend a workshop or a class; in fact,he or she even had to go abroad and spend a considerable amount of cash on lodging and food. Fortunately,these are not required these days since the boundaries between individuals have been removed thanks to the Internet and the webinars which are available at present. Now,we will take a look at what is a webinar definition.

What Is a Webinar?

Let us have some idea of what is webinar. A typical webinar definition is actually an online,interactive and audiovisual broadcast. It is possible for a large number of individuals to view and also take part in a webinar actively,both live as well as on-demand. Following a basic registration procedure,your target audience will be able to watch the webinar from practically any place,anytime and on virtually any gadget. Since this webinar platform is usually web based it is accessible from a tablet,smartphone,laptop,as well as PC. There is no need for any application download or installation.

Webinar Benefits:

Once it is clear to us regarding what’s a webinar,we will mention some of its essential benefits in the following paragraphs.

1. Direct connection with your target group

It is essential to get to and engage an extremely specific target group. Apart from asking questions yourself,you should also let the audience ask queries. In a nutshell,a webinar allows you to gain perception into your target group by conversing with them. In contrast to the low-quality webinars or any physical conference where the participants often just listen passively,it is possible for you to become familiar with your target audience.

2. Get to your target group both live as well as afterward

Once the broadcast has ended,a webinar will offer you the chance to get to your target group given that every webinar may also be viewed later. In this way,both the reach as well as the effect of your message can be enhanced. Of course,it is crucial that your webinar is located effortlessly via Google,which explains why every well thought-out webinar happens to be search-engine optimized.

3. Communicate with your target group

A webinar allows you to get to your target audience and also strengthen your message. You can make use of polls,chats,and also calls to action,apart from showing your audiences PowerPoint slideshows or video clips. In case the webinar is interesting,the effect of your message is going to be effective too.

4. Webinars help save money and time

Whereas huge traveling time,plus expenditure will be required for long journeys,a webinar eradicates the requirement to travel. Try to make it less expensive and simpler for the target group to get involved with your message. You are also going to be benefited since the expenses are much less than organizing an actual physical event after selecting a venue.

How to Make a Webinar?

1. Pick a suitable spot

The last thing you want while streaming live video will be something annoying taking place which can divert the attention of the audience from what you are actually speaking. Consequently,make it a point to find a calm room with lots of illumination,preferably sunlight.

2. Arrange your desktop

The majority of the individuals have lots of files and folders scattered all over their desktops. It is advisable to clean up the desktop in case you're sharing the computer screen during the webinar. Perhaps you are running short of time and in that case,just make a folder and drop all the desktop files into it.

3. Exhibit your countenance

You might be tempted to share only your desktop screen during the webinar; however,it will be a smart idea to allow your audience to see your visage while you are talking. Thus the audience can interact with you as well as your content while adding credibility to what you are actually speaking.

4. Look at the camera

By looking into the camera you will make the audience believe that you are actually making eye contact with them. In fact,it is the nature of human beings to look back at somebody who is speaking or even looking at you.

5. Make use of a top quality microphone

The quality of the entire webinar can be reduced by poor audio. Consequently,make use of top-notch headphones or a high-quality microphone during a webinar.

6. Speak slowly

Although there is no need to talk too slowly it would be prudent to speak in a relaxed and calm voice. Also,maintain sufficient space between you and the mic and do not jumble what you are speaking.

7. Commence and finish in a timely manner

In case you've advertised that your webinar will be starting at a particular time,ensure that it does. The audience must have made preparations to watch the webinar at that specific time. Consequently,they might feel annoyed in case the webinar commences later.


Hence,after going through the above-mentioned information regarding what is webinar and how does it work,it is easy to understand that webinars offer businesses an interesting way to get in touch with a group of individuals who are quite far from your location. A webinar is undoubtedly an excellent tool for business development,community outreach as well as customer retention. Overall,a webinar provides fantastic opportunities for both presenters as well as participants; however,it is imperative to be aware of the both the benefits as well as drawbacks of this sort of online training and prepare yourself as necessary.

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