What Is a Virtual Meeting Room?

In order to know what is virtual meeting room,you should go through virtual meeting room definition. A virtual meeting room,also known as a virtual meeting space,can be defined as a unique space that helps in identifying the organizer of a virtual meeting with the candidates or participants invited from different locations to collaborate through internet in real-time.

Characteristics of Virtual Meeting Room

According to virtual meeting room Wikipedia,virtual meeting rooms are offered by certain video conferencing tools like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc. Some of these video conferencing software platforms also offer free virtual meeting rooms to allow the business owners to organize their virtual meetings with limited number of participants. They also offer paid version of their software to allow the users to organize virtual meetings with more number of participants,as per their requirements. The virtual meeting rooms offered by these video conferencing software options have some useful characteristics like:Unrestricted accessibility: A virtual meeting room allows the host as well as the participants from around the world to interact and collaborate live in real-time.Cost effective: The low cost of organizing virtual meetings is one of the main characteristics of virtual meeting rooms. It helps the organizers and participants in saving their time and money spent in attending a traditional style meeting. Both of them save lots of time and money by attending these live meetings through the internet.Flexibility: Video conferencing software,like ezTalks Cloud Meeting,provides virtual meeting rooms also allow you to record what is happening in the meeting including the audios,videos and presentations shared between the participants. It allows the participants to access the content of the meeting,even after it is over. They can review or analyze the content if they have failed to understand some of its points during the meeting.Proven and practical: The real-time participation of all the members of the team in a virtual meeting help in developing a synchronized environment in the meeting even if none of them is actually present there unlike a traditional meeting room. But the experience of virtual meeting is more convenient and functional than traditional meetings.Accessibility: Virtual meeting rooms can be used for sharing presentations,audios,and videos online among all the participants attending it. These meeting rooms also provide a suitable platform for instant group discussions on the related project where every participant can share his/her ideas with others to collaborate for the progress of the project.

Benefits of Virtual Meeting Room

The virtual meeting rooms offered by several video conferencing software options like ezTalks Cloud Meeting offer a number of benefits for every business,regardless of their size. These benefits may include:

Reduction of costs: Any business,especially small business,can reduce the costs meetings with their clients of senior staff members when they are not in their home or office by using free virtual meeting rooms.

Save time: Any business,big or small,can save lots of time by organizing meetings between the members of their remote management teams working on the same project. They can discuss crucial matters without wasting time on travelling to some central location for such meetings. They can attend these meetings just by connecting to internet from a convenient and quiet place. You can easily help in improving the productivity of your company when you have established a connection with all the member of the team through a video conferencing tool like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc.

Involvement of entire team: A business meeting is useless if all the concerned people could not attend it. There can be several excuses for not attending the meeting like some can be sick of traveling whereas some may be involved in some other important work etc. The meeting can end with incomplete information due to the absence of some important participants from it which can be harmful to a business. In such condition,the virtual meeting room can assure to involve the entire team in the meeting for the benefit of the company as none of them has to move out of their comfort zone to attend the meeting.

Preservation of materials: Virtual meetings also allow every participant to preserve each and every document presented or discussed in the meeting as they can be shared online,which is not possible in traditional meetings.

Eco-friendly environment: Organizing virtual meeting is an eco-friendly step even if your business is not environment conscious until now. You can reduce to the emission of carbon by reducing the use of paper for printing the documents and reducing traveling to attend such meetings. You can include such things in your marketing campaign as people respect the businesses these days that care for the entire environment.


Thus,virtual meeting rooms are a great option for all types of business organizations to meet their team members as well as clients while discussing the prospects of a project or a business deal as it helps them to meet face-to-face even without leaving your place or compelling the participants to leave their place.