What Audio Conferencing Equipment Is Required for A Video Meeting?

As we know,a complete video conferencing system consists of endpoints,video conferencing bridge (also called a multipoint control unit,MCU) and broadband network to tie them together. If it is a one-to-one video chat,the bridge can be unnecessary. Endpoints here refer to any kinds of audio video conferencing equipment and devices.

Now imagine that you want to build a video conferencing system for business meetings,how will you do that? And what audio conferencing equipment is needed before a video meeting? Today,we’ll give you an answer.

In the current market,video conferencing ranges from the free social platform,web-based video conferencing tool to another conference room-based video conferencing system or even Telepresence room-based video conferencing system that costs much more to equip. In the article,we’ll just talk about the most popular kinds of video conferencing systems for most companies,namely,web-based video conferencing and room-based video conferencing.

Audio conferencing equipment required for web-based video conferencing system

Web-based video conferencing system is usually used by people to have a video meeting with others in separate places on your computer. Owing to its ease-of-use and convenience,more and more business is willing to utilize it. The audio conferencing equipment you need is a handset microphone,which will make you hear others and your voice heard by others. And then you can select a great video conferencing solution provider like ezTalks and start your online meeting now. You can download and install ezTalks Meetings software,or just have the meeting through the web browser. In addition,you can also conduct or attend a face-to-face meeting on your laptop,iPad,smartphone or other portal devices.

Audio conferencing equipment required for meeting room-based video conferencing system

It will be a little more complicated to equip a conference room for video meetings. You must make sure that all the participants can hear others and be heard by others in different locations. What audio and video conferencing equipment is required for the conference room? First,how many cameras and monitors are needed is mainly dependent on the size of the room. For example,you can install two or three cameras,one to three monitors for a room with 50 square meters or so. As for audio conferencing equipment,microphones like handheld ones or gooseneck ones,loudspeakers,amplifiers or sound mixing consoles are needed. Of course,you also need some wires and cables to connect all these audio visual video conferencing equipment together. After equipping the conference room well,you can start your video meeting with people remotely by using video conferencing software ezTalks Meetings on your notebook.

Video conferencing service has become more useful because more and more users have access to the video conferencing system easily. For both web and room-based video conferencing systems,the audio conferencing equipment aforementioned are necessary for you to conduct an online meeting successfully. The article here can serve as the basis for you to adopt this effective communication tool.

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