Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Conferencing Interviews

With the advent of the internet and later on video conferencing,life has improved and has become easier. These days,most multi-national companies,opt for video conferencing interviews. So,what is the video conferencing interview? A video conferencing interview is exactly like any usual face-to-face interview,just to the positive point,that the candidate can be given the interview,from the vicinity of his/her home.

It is an ideal way for a long distance job,as you don’t need to travel,to give your interview. It has made lives easier,for the interviewer as well for the candidates,as it can easily connect many candidates from different locations. There are various advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing interviews. Below are mentioned the video conferencing interviews advantages,as well as disadvantages.

Advantages of Video Conferencing Interviews

#Travel Cost Reduction – This is surely the biggest and the most influential advantage of video conferencing interviews. That's because your company doesn't need to spend a heavy amount for the travelling of the interviewers and can easily conduct the interview a whole lot,easily and efficiently by using this technique.#Time Management – Travelling from one place to another consumes a lot of time,from the flight to the airport delays to the drives. However,by using this method,time can be used sanely,as there is no way of wasting it. Additionally,your company doesn’t have to worry about the time zones of the candidates,as they don't have to travel to attend a meeting. Therefore,video conferencing interviews can be set at any time of the day without any hesitation.#Better Communication – It not only saves time and money,but also makes the communication a lot better,as there are various options of file sharing,media sharing,text board,interactive whiteboard sharing,and various other tools,to make the video conferencing interview interesting.#Productivity Increase – Since time and money are no more barriers and interviews can be held at any time of the day,it surely increases productivity. This makes the interviews shorter and more effective and are conducted as simply as possible,without unreasonable delays.#Better Carbon Footprints – Governments from all over the world are working for reducing carbon footprints,and your company apply video conferencing interviews helping reduce its carbon footprints and shows its green credentials.

Disadvantages of Video Conferencing Interviews

There are almost three major video conferencing interviews disadvantages. They are listed below:

#Technical Problems – This is one of the most important video conferencing interview disadvantages,since nobody knows when a technical fault may occur in hardware,or software or in the network. Certain environmental changes may lead to problems in the network.

#Time Zones – From certain points,it is considered as an advantage,but communicating internationally in a regular pattern may lead to a disadvantage,for the time of the availability is different,and it can be really difficult to maintain the business.

#Equipment and Training Costs – The cost of setting the video conferencing equipment is really high,and the staffs need to be trained properly to use it and also to get used to this technology. For small companies,the equipment setting budget can be too high,whereas for big companies,it is of no such problem.

There are various video conferencing solutions that allow to do video conferencing interviews,and keeping the advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing interviews in mind,ezTalks Meetings is one of the best video conferencing solutions to let you conduct an interview or a meeting online effortlessly. The host as well as the candidate needs to install ezTalks Meetings software or app in their individual system and then create an account and follow the details shared and they can easily get connected to each other in an atmosphere like a chat room,and can easily conduct conferencing interviews.

Video conferencing interviews have its own set of advantages and disadvantages,and yet with the advancement of technology,your companies,your employers are all looking towards to the positive side of it and using it for further development of business. Even the candidates,who are posing for the interviews,find it a lot easier than travelling to various places and giving interviews. Thus,the market for video conferencing interviews is increasing,as even after the various cons,it is really advantageous for both the employers and the employees or the candidates.