Video Conferencing for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

In the past years,video conferencing was mainly implemented by large organizations who can afford its expensive video communication solutions. Recent innovations such as cloud-based solutions and virtualized infrastructure make deploying video conferencing easier and more affordable than ever before.

Now video conferencing solutions are becoming scalable in cases of both number of users and cost expenses. More and more small companies and individuals are adopting video conferencing and collaboration platforms as a way to stay connected.

Small and mid-sized business people can use video conferencing for providing outstanding customer service,to stay competitive in the market space,and to create more efficient processes that can keep bringing back the customers. And below are some ways through which video conferencing technology can benefit small and mid-sized business organization:

1. Connects Remote Employees

Meetings with employees working in distant locations may add up the expenses quickly. Conferencing can unite the employees working in distant locations together and can conduct discussions,share documents etc,even when employees are not based in same corporate location.

It also means that video conferencing have the added benefit of being an eco-friendly technology that lowers carbon emissions. It also allows an employee to access important resources required to complete tasks,no matter where they are located.

2. Improves Customers Satisfaction

Video conferencing allows face-to-face interactions that help to build strong relationships with customers. It allows meeting customers ‘in-person’ without leaving the office which can provide more feeling of trust to customers than a telephone conversation. It gives the ability to provide better and more immediate results to the customers.

3. Cost Effective

The high flexibility of hosted video conferencing solutions offers the option to invest only for the required technology,allowing your customers and business partners to communicate with you at no additional cost,which in turn reduces the travelling expenses.

Hosted video service providers offer different services like virtual rooms that are accessible from your desktops,room based systems that you can buy or lease,and the ability to collaborate the application in to your mobile devices (BYOD).

4. Enhances Productivity

Hosted video conferencing service providers provide a variety of services that are reliable and simple and which can be personalized to the needs of the company. It gives the strength needed to stand up along with your large competitors,by improving communication,productivity and efficiency. It allows the employees to have effective communication between each other and with the customers.

5. Fast Decision Making

Discussions within management teams to resolve business issues can be done efficiently,face-to-face. In-person conversations help to take the correct decision in less time. Desktop applications help the busy executives to stay connected at the touch of a button and to make better decisions.

6. Improves Work-life Balance

Excessive travel can quickly burn out employees unused to tough hours on the road. As a small business owner or consultant,it’s important to make sure you don’t burn out either. Eliminating,or at least reducing,the need for frequent travel takes a great deal of stress off key staffers that you can’t afford to lose — not to mention yourself.

When you do have to be out on the road,teleconferencing can keep you connected more reliably. Bad weather or unforeseen circumstances can leave consultants and business owners stranded on the way to meetings,but web conferencing circumvents the headaches of canceled flights,long drives,or testy weather.

In a word,video conferencing provides a cost-effective and time-effective way of meeting with clients,co-workers or colleagues located anywhere in the world. Small and mid-sized business people can get more benefits from cloud based service providers by reducing the expenses of video communication much lower. It also allows the customers and remote employees to select the device of their choice like a smartphone or a tablet to connect effortlessly.