Video Collaboration for Businesses: All the Benefits and Tips for You

Video collaboration is the next big thing,especially for businesses and campuses. This is the kind of telecommunication technology whereby one can host an online meeting with contributors from other regions,or may be different countries through video chatting. It ensures stress-free sharing of information and collaboration amongst the participants. Below is more information and everything you need to know about video collaboration. Its benefits,and what to do when holding a video collaboration.

Benefits of Video Collaboration

1. Time & Cost SavingVideo collaboration saves on the cost of traveling to see people. It is very convenient when you have to arrange an urgent meeting with people who are all over the world. All you have to do is call them and schedule for a video collaboration. Meeting these people who are scattered in different places around the world and arranging a face to face meeting might include a lot of hustle and may take a lot of time and also it will be very expensive for traveling from far countries,like flight expenses,hotel expenses.With video collaboration,you can hold a meeting within a very short time and the only things needed is access to fast internet and a computer and punctuality from the people meeting.2. TelecommutingYou can work when away from the office. This is quite convenient when you are sick or on vacation. If your employees or partners are scattered all over the world they can meet you through video collaboration. You only have to install video conferencing software named ezTalks Cloud Meeting that can be used for video collaboration. Video collaboration can allow you to check on what your business partners are doing if you doubt their loyalty. Partners and employees also tend to like this kind of collaboration that does not tie them so much to the office.3. Host Meetings at Any TimeUnder very short notice,you can hold a very urgent meeting. Participants will not have an excuse of not attending the meeting,like traffic jam and other inconveniences. That means you can hold a meeting immediately or within a very short period of time and everyone can go back to do their work before the meeting. It is also convenient even if you has a busy day,you can make time for this meeting.4. Meet Face to FaceUnlike text messaging and emailing,video collaboration helps you see the body language of the participants and can get honest answers and comments from them,which is important for the business and also personal relations.Video collaboration is more of visual as compared to Emailing and texting. This is reliable,especially if you want to demonstrate something,like a certain strategy and you have written it on a chalkboard.

Tips to Conduct A Video Conferencing Collaboration

1. Prepare A Video Collaboration Solution

To have a video collaboration,the most important thing is to have a video collaboration tool. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is such kind of video collaboration tool which allows you to connect and collaborate with colleagues on the same project no matter where you are. It supports screens sharing,interactive whiteboard sharing,record and playback,HD video and audio,and more.

2. Test Microphone before Online Video Collaboration

Test your microphone before the video collaboration begins. It is very bad when you have something important to share and no one can hear you or your audio is not very clear. This is embarrassing and it may cost you if the meeting involves a business deal with a lot of money.

3. Light Your Room Well

It is very awkward when you hold an official meeting for video collaboration online,like directors’ meeting and the room you are in is very dark like in a hole. If possible,use natural lighting. If not,use a lot of bright artificial light to avoid making it look weird and unprofessional for you. Overhead lights are also a good option.

4. Prepare An Appropriate Background

The background behind you should be appropriate for the kind of meeting you are holding,especially if the meeting is important. If your room is drawn all over and looks all unprofessional,change your position before the meeting begins,and try using a plain background and also remove any kind of untidy stuff,like mugs on a table or desk,so as to look nice and presentable.

5. Mute Your Microphone When Not Speaking

Whenever you are not speaking,you should make sure your microphone is muted since background sounds can be very uncomfortable for other listeners and also annoying depending on where you are. Check your video settings,like your microphone (if it is mute) before giving a long monologue.

6. Keep Polite

Keep polite,even if it is not face to face. Try with starting by introducing yourself and then saying what you want. Introduce yourself as a sign of courtesy and respect and recognition of the rest by at least greeting them. Try looking at the camera instead of the surrounding or yourself,then the participants will know that you are totally concentrating on the meeting.

7. Wear Appropriately

Also,wear appropriately for the meeting. Do not wear that T-shirt you woke up in. Try being professional enough for the video collaboration even though you're not in the same place.