2014-2016 E-learning Market Trends — Western European E-learning Market

The growth rate for Self-paced eLearning in Western Europe is 5.8% and revenues will reach $8.1 billion by 2016,up from $6.1 billion in 2011,according to a new Ambient Insight report called,“The Western Europe Market for Self-paced eLearning Products and Services: 2011-2016 Forecast and Analysis.”

In this regional report,revenue forecasts are broken out for twenty-two countries: Spain,France,Germany,the Netherlands,Sweden,Switzerland,Denmark,Italy,Finland,Belgium,Norway,Poland,the United Kingdom,Hungary,Austria,Ireland,Slovakia,Greece,Bulgaria,Portugal,the Czech Republic,and Romania.

“While the aggregate growth rate in Western Europe is 5.8%,several countries have significantly higher growth rates. For example,the market in one country is growing at a breathtaking 37.6%,” comments Sam S. Adkins,Chief Research Officer. “The countries with high growth rates are new markets offering suppliers significant new revenue opportunities. This is also true in Eastern Europe,which we cover in a separate report.”

Western Europe is the world’s second largest buying region for E-Learning products and services after North America.

This is set to change in the upcoming forecasted period. Asia is predicted to outspend Western Europe in E-Learning terms by 2016.

“Despite being a mature market,2013 was nevertheless a transitional year for E-Learning in Western Europe. We can put aside the buzz about MOOCs in higher education and all the noise about a coming shift to mobile.

“For those of us who focus on workplace learning,the interesting shift is the number of small and medium sized

businesses that have started to adopt sophisticated learning technologies. With the pricing structure of products such as Docebo,suddenly smaller companies are realizing that there is a very low barrier to entry for them to enterprise-grade capacity in this area.

“The other trend we’ve observed,from the larger corporations in our client base,is a shift to outsourcing the development of E-Learning content to professional agencies rather than building in-house. We’re excited about the landscape for 2014.” Guy McEvoy,Managing Director,Guykat.