Top 6 Audio Conferencing Providers

Teleconferencing software is extremely helpful,improving the collaboration of a company. They are more accessible than a video conferencing tool and they can be used even on low-speed internet connections. A proper teleconferencing tool will ensure a qualitative dialog between the participants and its extra features will improve the quality of the conference. Thankfully,there are plenty of audio conferencing service providers to choose from,depending on your particular needs or preferences. In the following,we will focus on that aspect and we will present the 6 top audio conferencing providers all over the world.

1) ezTalks

ezTalks is a relatively new audio conferencing provider,but it managed to rise above the competition in a short time. Cloud Meeting is one of their most popular services and a top teleconferencing software. It offers a wide variety of tools,which will satisfy even the most pretentious user. The quality of the conversations is incredibly high,working great with low internet connections. Because collaboration is very important in an enterprise,the developers focused on some very helpful features. One of them is the Instant Screen/Content Sharing option,which allows you to present your ideas/charts to your audience,or to upload them to the Cloud Server.Also,the software can function as your own personal assistant,allowing you to schedule your meetings,create memos,upload some useful documents or track the activity of your team. The Record this Meeting feature is also helpful and it can prove extremely useful when a participant missed that meeting or has some misunderstandings. However,the biggest advantage of ezTalks Meetings consists of its price. This tool is 100% free to use,for conferences with up to 100 participants. This way,you will have the chance to test this software and to get accustomed to its amazing features.

2) Infinite Conferencing

Developed by Infinite,one of the largest audio conferencing providers in the world,Infinite Conferencing manages to be a very flexible software. This tool is specially designed for small businesses,ensuring some high-quality audio conferences,combined with some extremely useful features. Its interface is highly intuitive and it allows the participants to join a meeting,in a matter of seconds. The software is flexible and it can be synced with other services like Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. Because it's created for small companies,Infinite Conferencing is pretty limited and it cannot host meetings with more than 100 participants.

3) Arkadin Anytime

Arkadin is one of the biggest audio conferencing service providers in India,gaining a wide popularity in the Western world as well. Arkadin Anytime is a very professional audio conferencing tool,managing to support any kind of conference or event planning. The software,features a very interesting organizer,ideal for scheduling your meetings,managing your calls or sharing documents. The quality of the conferences is more than decent,and they work great even with low internet connection devices. Their assistance service is well organized,and can provide you a customized package,according to your particular needs. Overall,Arkadin Anytime is a great proof that the audio conferencing providers in India can develop an accessible and reliable communication software.

4) Open Voice

Open Voice is the newest creation of GotoMeeting. This European company is one of the most popular audio conferencing provider UK,and their dedicated teleconferencing tool raised to the expectations. Open Voice is highly permissive,allowing conferences with up to 500 participants. The Mobile Connectivity is extremely well optimized,and the App functions perfectly,even on lower internet connections. Another interesting thing is the Integration feature,allowing you to schedule meetings directly from the Outlook account. Open Voice is a very professional software,but the price might be a little discouraging. The UK providers charges 15 cents / minute for every call,making it a little pricey for a long conference.

5) WebEx

WebEx is a conferencing tool,which offers plenty of other services,besides audio conferencing. However,the audio conferencing service is very well optimized,and that's why,it deserves a place in our top. Even if it's designed as a professional tool,WebEx manages to keep its features under a user friendly interface,with some very interactive options. WebEx is also great for hosting webinars or for organizing any kind of teleconference. Also,it allows you to dial a participant without internet,directly on his/her phone. On a negative note,WebEx doesn't come with an organized customer support and it can host conferences with up to 100 participants. This is not very convenient for medium or big companies,which will have to choose a more permissive software.

6) Budget Conferencing

As the name suggests it,Budget Conferencing is a cheap service. It's designed for those who don't want to spend much money on a teleconferencing software,but it offers some decent features. Despite other software,this one allows you to host online meetings at any time,without reservation. Also,if you need assistance,you can contact their live operator,who is available 24/7. With Budget Conferencing,you can organize meetings with up to 300 participants,which is more than enough for some companies. Many enterprises use this software,mostly because of its Pay to Go feature. This doesn't imply any monthly fees and you only pay when you're using it. However,Budget Conference is a pretty limited service,and it doesn't have many additional features.


Using a good audio conferencing software is mandatory,in our society. That's why,you should check our top,and choose the software that will satisfy all your needs. Once you find it,you will improve the communication with your team and you will increase their productivity.