Top 5 Virtual Classroom Solutions

Top Virtual Classroom Solution

Free for up to 100 StudentsFluent HD Video/Audio QualityScreen Sharing and WhiteboardPolls,Survey and RecordingRebranding and Paid ClassesSign Up Free NOWIn the present scenario,training and learning are not bound within the boundaries of the classroom or a hall.They cross all the limits with virtual classroom solutionswhich ensure a teacher-student,trainer-trainee interaction in real time. No matter where you are,you can always attend the sessions and start learning immediately.Here aretop 5 virtual classroomsolutions for your perusal.

1. ezTalks Webinar

ezTalks Webinarhas created a new dimension in the world of virtual classroom solutions. It is very popular and widely appreciated as it can handle all the basic purposes of a virtual classroom in onesolution. Organizing and managing your own virtual classroombecomes quite easy with fruitful features.

★ Create a course for free in minutes

You can get started with just your email. It's as simple as that- no payments or credit card information required.Alternatively,you can sign in with "Google" or "Facebook". Then,it empowers you to schedule the class and send invitation emails to remind students of joining the class.

★ Provide a world-class learning experience

Each virtual classroom can contain100students for free,while the paid version at affordable price allows up to 10,000students.Students around the world can gain access to the virtual classroom with any kind of devices including Windows,Mac,Android and iOS.

★ Provide a custom learning experience

It is feasible to tailor the look and feel of your virtual classroom to make it your ownand impress your students by adding a logo,uploading a customized background image,decorating your waiting room,etc. Also,you can set up paid courses via PayPal integration if necessary.

★ Providean interactivelearning experience

Handy tools like online whiteboard,screen sharing and IM chat arealso available to help you in discussion and interaction with them.For better engagement,you can use polls & survey to get further information about students' opinions or set polls as in-class tests.

★ Keep track of the class result

It is possible to get the most from your classes by analyzing the statistics and reports on class performance,registers,students. If you have chosen to record your class,you can share recordings for students' playback and more attention from social platforms.

2. Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard is yet another famous virtual classroom solution that offers a very convenient interaction between the teacher and students. It is specially designed for the use of education. You can find some of the best in class features in Blackboard like web conference,audio conference,Voice authoring,etc. It is also available for the mobile users. For the organizations,Blackboard offers instant messaging and licensing as well. But unlike ezTalks Webinar,Blackboard is premium software that needs you to invest in its subscription plan to have the full access.

3. ReadyTalk

This easy to use and light software is exclusively made for the virtual classrooms and training purposes. ReadyTalk can be used for any functions,like audio as well as video conferencing. Automatic calendar reminders can be set to all the participants for the training session through this virtual classroom solution. You can even place registration forms to the participants while joining your virtual classroom. Offering questions and answers,polls and quizzes also can be done for interactive sessions. You can even record your virtual class or training. ReadyTalk has the built-in sharing option which enables you to share any files among the participants of the virtual classroom. But,unlike ezTalks Webinar,this software is not free. You need to subscribe to its plan which is approx $49/month for 25 participants only.

4. Adobe Connect

This is an audio and video virtual classroom solution as well as a webinar solution that is designed and distributed by Adobe. Adobe Connect comes with a lot of features and business class tools that you need to master a virtual class. Adobe Connect ensures flawless interaction between the trainee and the trainer. This software offers Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Note integration as a part of their extended service support. You can stream live videos through this solution as well.

From the world's leading company like Adobe,you can expect a seamless and clear audio and video quality from this solution. Recording the session is also very easy and comes handy in various situations like when you want to upload it to YouTube. You can even track the attendance with Adobe Connect. Interestingly,this solution offers you a separate chat room where you can discuss with other attendees by separating them according to their subjects. Unlike ezTalks Webinar,Adobe Connect is not free and you need to subscribe to its plans to get these benefits. However,the features you get are worth your investment.

5. Electa Live

eLecta Live is the widely accepted virtual classroom solution available in the market. It can be used in your PC as well as mobile app also. So,you can attend or host your learning session as per your convenience of time and place. Its web based collaboration is very helpful to connect with the students from different students belongs to diverse locations. Online meetings,live interactive sessions,online teaching and live instructions can be shared with the trainees through this virtual classroom solution. Other features like file sharing,communication,IM is also available with this eLecta Live. Unlike ezTalks Webinar,it is not a free one,although you can try it for free.

So,these are the best virtual classroom solutions available for virtual training sessions. You can fully use them to get the full benefit. Either you are a student or a teacher,these onlineclassroom solutions will come in handy for your any online interactive session. To get the best advantage from your session,you can try ezTalks Webinar which will give you the most benefits free of cost. Just go with your favorite one and start learning or training.