6 Best Open Source Web Conferencing Software for Online Meetings

You will come across a plethora of open source web conferencing tools at present and many of them are also available for free. As a matter of fact,apart from offering you the chance to host virtual training events,these open source web video conferencing applications will also assist you to cooperate with your co-workers while providing the learners with customized support without having to pay any substantial monthly charges. In the following paragraphs,we have mentioned the top 6open sourceweb conferencing softwarewhich are available out there.

1.ezTalks Meetings

It happens to be a cloud-basedopensource web conferencesoftware which provides the larger organizations with a unique platform for collaboration as well as online communication. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is intended to provide a complete solution for productive video conferencing with the integration of HD audio and video,a groundbreaking slate as well as a multi-platform chat. The software must be used with high definition video and audio team as well as instant messaging functionality for effective communication. With this software,it will be easy for the users to organize meetings,seminars and training online in areas such as law,finance,and health.Collaboration toolsare promoted by this application which also includes advanced whiteboards along with an instant screen for improving the efficiency of the users.

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Free for up to 100 Participants

Fluent Group Video/Audio/IM Chat

Screen Sharing and Annotation

White Board and Collaboration

Record and Playback

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Apart fromvideo collaboration,the software also supports playback and programming as well as recording which enable the users to share the recordings without any difficulty and remind individuals regarding the schedule for the forthcoming sessions. ezTalks Cloud Meeting helps the users to either host or visit sessions from any tablet,mobile device or laptop with mobile applications for Android and iOS.


This particular application is considered as a leading open source web based video conferencing software which is actually intended for online learning. Although this specific characteristic makes BigBlueButton different from other options in this listing,it still finds a place for internal meetings as well as even presentations thanks to its standard conferencing attributes. It also provides recording,video conferencing,chat rooms,whiteboards,and polling. It is the simple-to-use and attractive interface which makes the software so popular. It also provides lots of layout customization for the presentations.

3. VMukti

You will not find any lack of features with this web video conferencing open source software. As a matter of fact,it can boast of an extremely remarkable lineup of integrated tools particularly in terms of opensource web conferencing platforms. Among the significant highlights,we can mention real-time audio and video,presentation synchronization,image sharing,document sharing,as well as screen sharing. It is also possible to conduct polls at the time of the webinars and also keep a close watch on the Cloud tabs plus co-author with the other members of the e-learning team.

4. WebHuddle

This awesome open source web conference software tool will enable you to produce interactive presentations as well as hold virtual conferences. As a matter of fact,you can either make use of the WebHuddle voice over IP for all the web conferencing requirements or have the option of adding it to the present teleconferencing service. You’re also able to record the online presentations with the help of this particular tool and play them back on almost any web browser such that the learners who have failed to turn up for the presentation will not miss out on the e-learning experience. Furthermore,you do not need to install any software since the WebHuddle client runs through the web browser directly. All you need will be to just sign up and commence the virtual meeting.

5. Jitsi

Being an open source web conference software,Jitsi comes with lots of essential features including online chat and audio and video conferencing applications. However,it does not feature several in-depth features that are provided by other solutions including whiteboards,polling as well as scheduling and planning. It specializes in video conferencing security features and capabilities like echo cancellation,encrypted passwords or messages and also noise suppression. One more notable advantage of using this web video conference open source software happens to be its integration that extends to Facebook,Google Hangouts as well as Microsoft Outlook.

6. Mikogo

This amazing desktop sharing tool can boast of many features which will help you to conduct the most effective open source web video conference or online meeting. One should try to take full advantage of the software for sharing any application on the web in genuine color quality with as much as 10 participants still waiting at the desk at the same time. Clipart Download via ClipartMax & Jing.FM


After going through these above-mentioned open source web conferencing system applications,it is evident that they will provide you with all the required facilities to conduct a successful open source web conference. Since you do not have to pay any money in order to use them,you can always try out any of these and select the best according to your own personal preference. However,it is imperative to bear in mind that all free stuff will not always offer the desired results. Therefore,it is advisable to be careful while selecting any of the software mentioned before and make adequate research plus go through online reviews before opting for one.