Top 5 Free Online Support Software

The advent of new technologies makes the business easier and more profitable. Now you can get an instant solution and can connect with the employees across the globe within a couple of minutes only. You can discuss the issues,share the texts and images,and can record the meeting. You can start a meeting with hundreds of participants depending on the feature of the chosen software.

In the current conditions,you will find many free online support software that can help you to improve the performance and productivity of your business. The free online support software can be used from any place. These software are designed to offer an instant solution for different types of problems. They can fix your computer and can demonstrate something to your colleagues. These tools are able to perform a number of the administrative tasks at ease.

Free online remote support software helps you perform both the minor and complicated tasks. It comes with a number of the benefits as well. These are cost effective and come with free upgrading. Besides,they come with a fast setup and always work in the background. Do you want to know more about free online remote support software? If yes,then you can go through the following five free online support tools. These are widely used in the industries to improve customer services and to get a real time support solution.

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is a free online tech support software that comes with both the free and paid versions. With the free service,you can also get some developed features like meeting with 100 participants and easy screen sharing.ezTalks Meetings enables you to start a high definition video and audio support meeting anytime depending on the availability of the participants. It offers full-screen gallery view,group and private chats,interactive whiteboard. Moreover,it comes with an intelligible and precise interface that can be handled easily without any expertise.

2. Bomgar

Bomgar is considered one of the most useful free online support software. You can use it as a multi-use software as it is designed to perform different types of the tasks. It supports the connection of the device designs and operating systems between the computers. Besides,it allows you to control the screens of other computers with the use of the Internet to offer the required support,like any other developed tool. It can easily manage the corporate setting.

3. GoToMeeting

Actually,GoToMeeting is not free online remote software,but it comes with a free trial version. GoToMeeting works exceptionally well for the small and medium sized businesses. It has versions for the Mac OS X and Windows. With this software,you can arrange and join meetings from the different locations. You can record your meetings as well. Besides,it has an option for the VoIP dial. With the facility,any member will have the ability to access the keyboard and mouse for the demonstrations.

This software provides easy and quick switching between different types of the meeting. It is also available both for the desktop and mobile. It offers the free service. But the free service comes with some limited features. If you are looking for some advanced features,you will have to go with the paid versions.


NABD is one of the best free online support software that comes with free lifetime version. It comes with many developed features that can match perfectly well with the small,medium,and large scale businesses. It comes with three functionalities,case management,backend ticketing,and knowledge base storage. It is specifically designed to meet the different demands of the users. It has different support channels to satisfy the users. It comes with a unique communication tool for the sentimental analytic to help the user to collaborate both the traditional and social channels. It is available both for the desktop and the mobile.

5. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a online chat support software for free that is available both for the mobile and PC. It offers all the advanced features that you can expect from a developed online support software. It is compatible with a number of the devices,including Blackberry,Windows Phone,Mac OSX,Linux,Chrome OS,Android,and iOS. TeamViewer can be used for a single application or for the entire system. It makes the online communication easy and efficient.

It allows you to share different types of the files and folders. You can also share the files through the one-drive integration and Google via TeamViewer. Moreover,it is a completely free service and the downloading is available for most of the devices.

These are five popular free online support software. All these software are extensively used for different types of the business to get an instant and effective solution both for the technical and administrative issues. You can also use them to start online collaborations. But before choosing any of them,you will have to understand the purpose of use first and then you can choose the one that can serve your interest most.