7 Best Platforms for Web Based Team Collaboration

A quality web based team collaboration platform will work greatly when you need assistance for getting any kind of project completed. A great platform works by getting people together to share data in real time. This includes data that is posted right on a web browser or other program. The support offered by a web team collaboration platform can make a world different when trying to get projects managed right. With this in mind,you need to look at a few platforms for web team collaboration that give you the control you need for getting in touch with people in real time.

ezTalks Meetings

The first option for web team collaboration is the ezTalks Meetings. It offers a distinct arrangement where your team can communicate and collaborate in real time through high-definition video and sound. Up to a hundred people can access it for free at the same time. You have a full control panel that helps you to adjust who can communicate and who will get access to certain parts of your meeting,thus allowing only the right people to hear certain things as you see fit. Whiteboard and screen sharing features are included in this platform to let you share your ideas to your team members easily. You can also use the built-in instant messaging tool to chat with any team member or the whole team,to keep them aligned.


JIRA is a web team collaboration platform that helps you to review how people are progressing on a variety of tasks. Use this to analyze how well different employees are working on their projects based on factors like how people are opening or using certain files and so forth. Feedback can be left to individual team members as well.

Small Improvements

With Small Improvements,you can send information on individual project objectives to clients. Send such items to specific people and gear messages towards certain people. This improves upon how well you can interact with employees as it gets people on the same page during any web business collaboration project.


Vanilla is an open source web based team collaboration program that produces live forums that allow people to leave responses and share information. The open source arrangement means you can adjust the forums and other methods of online communication in any way you see fit,thus improving upon how connections can be at any given moment.


Get in touch with anyone in real time on a mobile app or desktop with Slack. This web based team collaboration platform uses a layout where you can interact with people and share information based on factors,like certain objectives and topics. Live chatting is included in both text and audio format,so you can get in touch with people even if they don’t have microphones or other key communication items on their devices.


The to-do list feature of Trello is the key component of the web based team collaboration platform to see. With Trello,you can produce unique instructional materials,telling people to follow certain objectives as necessary. Using it to work by letting people read on about individual projects and how they are to be organized. This offers a better organization that creates a smart layout that is customizable by each person.

The listings include columns for things people have to do,what they are doing and what is done. Every member on an account can get a fully updated listing. You have the option to share information on the same project or subject to multiple people at a time,thus improving upon how people can get in touch and get certain tasks completed as needed.


Visual representations of projects you want to have completed in a web team collaboration platform are especially easy to support and use. The Mural program gives you the ability to share information on particular programs as you see fit. Create a password for all people to access to board and you will have people coming out to share information with you and receive whatever messages you are aiming to post.

Mural lets you drag documents,media files and other items relating to a project onto a large dashboard. All people will have access to files but you have the option to block access to all but a certain number of people. Utilize the control features to give yourself more support over how information is to be shared.

A Final Word

Whether it is a standard or an open source web team collaboration platform,you need to find a useful program that fits the needs you have for managing key projects. Great platforms dedicated to web team collaboration make it easier for people to get the most out of the projects they wish to run. The goal is to have a suitable web team collaboration platform that is easy to follow and gives you the power to manage a variety of communications and functions that can make a world of difference when you are aiming to get the most out of extensive group projects.