Top 4 Cloud Collaboration Services

Cloud collaboration has turned out to be a stylish and chic method to keep employees aligned on the same project irrespective of their physic positions. Cloud collaboration is not difficult to realize,as long as you have a powerful cloud collaboration service. In this article,we'd like to show you a list of top 4 cloud collaboration services.

1.ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers easy,specialized and feature filled video conferencing services for employees' cloud collaboration. It offers HD audio and video for direct video communication,and gives creative and interactive whiteboards that permit for highlighting,drawing,text,erasing,screen taking and other materials.ezTalks Cloud Meeting helps quick content and screen sharing,hence you can share pictures with meeting attendees to explain work in real time or present word,PPT and other files for co-annotation. It even supports cross-platform chat. Quick messages can be sent privately and publicly. Playback and recording are facilitated,letting for future sharing or playback on any device.

2. Yammer

Staying connected is very essential than ever. Yammer cloud-based collaboration service offers an easy method for the team to collaborate,share and engage people throughout the company. Groups offer open,easy workspaces for communities by offering a focus area for files,conversations,updates and more.

Yammer allows customers,partners and vendors to chat in groups for particular reasons. For continued collaboration,you can make dedicated external team or networks to promote deeper relationships and a feel of community. You can avail your inbox to see,prioritize and handle what is highly relevant to you in Yammer. Priority settings and notifications allow you to deal the necessary announcements and messages all over the groups.


This collaboration cloud service has been used for over ten years. All users require for basecamp is a smartphone or a web browser. Users also receive an email each morning with an everyday recap of what happens the day before,hence all collaborations can be across the recent improvements. Users are able to look what is arriving up in the project plan,what is occurring and who is performing what in the community or group. The service also provides a free sixty day trial,then the subscription fee starts at twenty dollars monthly,based on the number of works user possess and the level of storage space you need.

4. Socialcast

As one of cloud-based collaboration services,Socialcast assists collaborators handle projects and share documents. Socialcast lets you give recommendations,solve issues and work collectively. One special feature is that you can make private teams to communicate with each other. It is found across the platforms,hence you can work all kinds of digital equipment. The collaboration cloud service is free for about fifty users. It is very helpful for all kinds of organization to arrange and to conduct a meeting successfully.


There are a lot of cloud collaboration services found at different rates. It is valuable to spend your time researching each one to make sure it is relevant for the kind of project you are handling. Whether it is planning the next organization event or obtaining that new app,cloud collaboration services will go a big way to ease the next difficult project.