Top 3 UberConference Alternatives

UberConference is a cloud-based conferencing framework from Dialpad,a privately held organization in San Francisco,California. The organization,once in the past known as Firespotter Labs,was established by Craig Walker one year after he was the primary Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Google Ventures. Before settling for any Communication Software System,try comparing and contrasting the different Communication Software in the market.

The price of UberConference,when compared with other Communication Software's,might be higher. UberConference might not be compatible with your business which prompts you to compare and contrast the various alternatives. The users of the UberConference after a series of tests showed an average satisfaction of approximately 89.5%. Taking your time to evaluate programs similar to UberConference will definitely assist you in getting better Communication Programs with even better ratings that fully meet your demands. Read on to identify five of the best alternatives to UberConference.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a free video conferencing software,which empowers you to have a web based discussion and online meeting with up to 100 members. Apart from exclusively having a voice and video gathering,ezTalks Cloud Meeting likewise enables you to share screen or whiteboard on your PC or cell phones consistently.ezTalks Cloud Meeting furnishes remote associate with top notch video conferencing and boundless meetings. Regardless of what gadgets you have,you could associate with a sound or video conferencing call from a Windows PC,Mac,iOS or Android device gadget. With the solid screen and application sharing elements,meeting coordinators can share either an entire screen or decide to simply demonstrate a particular application.

2. OpenMeetings

OpenMeetings is a UberConference alternative used for making presentations,web based preparation,hosting online conference,synergistic whiteboard drawing,report editing,and client desktop services. The item depends on OpenLaszlo RIA structure and Red5 media server,which thusly depend on various open source segments. Correspondence happens in virtual meeting rooms which might be set to various correspondence,security,and video quality modes. The suggested database motor for backend booster is MySQL. The tool can be set up as an introduced server item,or utilized as a service for the benefit.

3. MightyCall

MightyCall is a Seattle based virtual telephone utility that started life as Infratel in 1999. The cloud based and web-benefit furnishing independent ventures with a virtual phone number and approaching call voicemail. Virtual telephone utilities are a down to earth answer for the issue of keeping up correspondences with potential customers while keeping private and business calls isolated,particularly when voyaging or when you are far from the workplace. For business people and businessmen who invest a great deal of their energy going after customers or potential clients,a virtual phone is a need instead of an accommodation.


There are other UberConference alternatives in the market you could opt for,but the above alternatives are some of the best in the market with some having higher ratings than UberConference. The above programs are compatible with most devices.

Now that you are informed about the best UberConference alternatives,you can have a meaningful conversation with your colleagues. UberConference is not the worst option but there are better. Depending on the compatibility of your system,try and look into the features of the alternative softwares.