6 Best Alternatives to Facetime for Android

As we all know,that the proprietary software is only available for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. You might be hard out of luck if you are looking for the FaceTime app for Andriod. One of the main reasons users are hesitant to switch from iOS devices to Android devices is because of the simple yet smooth functioning iOS applications that come with the phone. However,video calling is such a popular feature that no Android phone feels truly complete without it. Although there are several like facetime app for android,not all of them meet the mark. Today we will be looking at some of the best alternatives to facetime app for Android.

There are several Android App Developers that have made excellent video calling apps like FaceTime. We will be looking at the best of the bunch here that truly compete with the video calling app on iOS devices and talk about the best features of this app,quality,and functionalities as compared to FaceTime.

1. Google Hangouts

Being Google-developed video calling app,Google Hangouts functions more as a messaging app than a pure video calling app. It is a free application that lets you send messages,free video calls or voice calls to any individual with a hangouts app.Features:i) Can create large groups for chatting (150 members per group);ii) Video calls can include up to 10 people at a time;iii) Innovative use of emojis,stickers,animated GIFs as status messages;iv) Lets you sync all your contacts across all the devices you use.With the introduction of Google Duo,Google Hangout is being pushed as primarily a business application. What we don't like about the app is that it is not as user-friendly as we would have liked it.

2. ezTalks Meetings

Although ezTalks does not have the backing of large companies like Microsoft,Google or Facebook it has been able to carve a comfortable niche for itself and is doing really well. It has a ton of features that make video calling seamless and extremely fun. It is also an excellent app to have a business meeting due to some of the features incorporated into the app by the developers. It is a great app for having free international voice and video calls.


i) Excellent HD video and audio quality;

ii) Up to a 100 participants can be invited to a chat in the starter plan;

iii) Private chat is also available during your group chats;

iv) Screen sharing feature is available during chats which are excellent while chatting with your friend or having a discussion during a meeting;

v) Users can use whiteboard for sharing ideas and thoughts during the chats or meetings;

vi) Meeting history,meeting notifications and other great office functionality available for users;

vii) It can be used cross-platform including desktops,mobiles and tablets.

ezTalks can easily be heralded as the best FaceTime app for Android for the unique features it possesses which gives it an edge over the other apps that are too generic in nature. The video calling feature is one of the smoothest we've seen in any app with great audio and video quality. Probably the best business video calling app currently available on the Android Play Store.

3. Tango

It is another free messaging service that also provides functionality for video and voice calls. It is available to use on all Android devices including phones and tablets.


i) Voice and video calling are easy to use;

ii) You can send stickers,messages,photos during a voice call;

iii) Acts as a social app where you can follow other fun strangers around the world using the app;

iv) Create multiple groups of family,friends,and work.

Tango was one of the first video calling apps on Android. It tried to corner the market for Facetime for Android and it does have quite a few users already using the app. If you are looking for a video calling app with a more social angle to it then Tango is quite good in that regard.

4. WhatsApp

Probably the most popular messaging app around the world,WhatsApp was quite late in the market to introduce video and voice calling functionality in their app,but as they say better late than never.


i) Voice and video calling functionality is very straightforward and easy to use;

ii) Lots of great features for chatting;

iii) Can be used on desktop devices.

Unfortunately,Whatsapp does not allow for multi-video calling facility at this time. You can only chat with a video call a single person at a time. Also,the stability of the video calling function is not as good as some of the other apps on the list. Great app for messaging but misses out on some crucial video calling features.

5. Viber

Another popular messaging app that has great international voice and video calling functionalities. You can connect with friends and family instantly using this FaceTime app for Android.


i) Group Chat with over 250 people;

ii) Functionality to send instant video messages to friends and family;

iii) Video calls over a secure connection;

Viber is also an excellent alternative for FaceTime on Android devices.

6. Skype

A pioneer in video calling is Microsoft's Skype. It was mainly a desktop app but has now gained popularity as a phone app as well. It contains both messaging services as well as free audio and video calling to all devices.


i) Video calls can include up to 25 people at a time;

ii) If you are subscribed to Office 365 you can call traditional phone numbers as well for free;

iii) Easy to use the functionality on the app;

iv) Excellent quality voice and video calls on all devices.

These are our picks for the alternatives to FaceTime app for android. If you need a really great modern and easy to use video calling app our pick would be ezTalks. The great thing about being on Android is that you are not stuck for choices and you have plenty to pick from. We've stated what we think are the best alternatives of Facetime on Android,let us know in the comments below which one you think tops them all.