The Best 6 Video Conferencing Equipment Manufacturers

Video conferencing involves conducting conference using telecommunication technologies in real time. With the rise in globalization,many businesses are shifting to video conferencing meetings because they are cheaper (they eliminate travel expenses) and enables them to make decisions faster. Nowadays,most businesses use video conferencing to communicate in real time. But to have the best video calling experience,one must have the right equipment. In this article,the best 6 video conferencing equipment manufacturers one must refer to before buying equipment for the workspace are introduced.

1. ezTalks

ezTalks is a video communication service. It is both an online video conferencing site and video conferencing equipment supplier. It has introduced a new ezTalks Conference Room Solutions for any size of rooms ranging from mini rooms to large ones.

Advanced Video Conferencing

For Any Conference Room

ezTalks all-in-one video conferencing devices work with most popular VC apps like ezTalks,Skype for Business,Skype,Zoom,WebEx,GoToMeeting,BlueJeans,Lifesize,Google Hangouts,Facebook Messenger,Microsoft Teams and more as you require.Request A DemoThe amazing thing about ezTalks video conferencing devices is that all the hardware is compatible with most popular video conferencing Software includingSkype for Business,Microsoft Teams,etc. Thus you are free to use the all-in-one VC devices for seamless video meeting experience with your favorite meeting app.ezTalks Meet Mini is one of the most attracting all-in-one video communication device,which is integrated with a touch screen,HD camera,coder,microphone,speaker,WiFi,built-in battery and software to bring you unparalleled meeting experience.The huddle room video conferencing device is called ezTalks Meet S,which is an all-in-one video conferencing device with T-Voice 100. Along with the smart speakerphone and pre-installed ezTalks software,it gives excellent video conferencing and meeting experience. The software also gives you the feature for private video chats,remote screen sharing,instant sharing and much more.The Meet Pro and Meet X perfectly fits for the small and medium conference rooms due to the all-in-one design and powerful video/audio experience.ezaTalks allows you to add any of your devices into the system and log in to the conference. Just connect it with a USB and start your conversation. Along with all these features,it is secured with Md5 Encryption and AES 256. It is cost effective than any other device and its quick connection system can get anyone within seconds.It is regarded as one of the best video conferencing equipment suppliers due to the easy effort just like the name reveals. Quite simple and cost-effective as well.2. LogitechLogitech is a Swiss company which manufactures personal computers and mobile accessories. It is one of the well-known and famed video conferencing equipment suppliers. They provide affordable video conferencing devices for small and even large sized conference rooms with 14-20 people.Their devices are equipped to work on any online video conferencing sites or personalized applications. It has full HD support and easy to use – just plug in and play. Literally!The video conferencing devices: GROUP,SMARTDOCK and MeetUp work on both Windows and Mac system. The features include 120^ full room view or remove accessed cameras. It is also equipped with Kensington Security Slot that keeps the conference secure. Their exceptional performance and award winning designs is what attract customers.You can find the Logitech video conferencing dealers within your area from their official website.3. PolycomPolycom is an American multinational company that develops video,voice and communication technology and one of the best video conferencing equipment manufacturers. Their video conferencing devices use H.264 High Profile technology for great output in full HD. Moreover,this device uses up 50% less bandwidth for flawless conversation.Polycom has introduced Polycom RealPresence Group Series with easy management and secure connectivity. It can work on existing office software or other online sites without any problem. Their voice and video conferencing solutions are the future of collaboration.4. CiscoCisco is an American Networking Hardware company. It is a leading name among electronics and digital equipment,which also provides one the best video conferencing devices. This video conferencing dealer provides the whole room kit for small or huge office spaces.Along with the device,its software and online video conferencing site provides end to end security,just so that the discussion stays discreet. One also gets access to management and analytics of the service. It has a number of video conferencing devices like – Collaboration Meeting Rooms; Collaboration Endpoints; Cisco Jabber; WebEx Conferencing; and few more.Along with these special features,Cisco’s video conferencing full experience comes with the innovation of cloud storage and Spark Board. It works both as a smart board and a screen,with limitless technological advancement for future work. Last but not the least; Cisco also gives the opportunity to record and stream video conferences for later use as well. This manufacturer makes sure that it’s not just about the meeting,but they make sure that teamwork works.5. BoschBosch is a German,world leading multinational engineering and electronics company. It is a well-known video conferencing equipment vendors that have collaboration with a number of other hardware companies who provide equipment to meet with official video conferencing needs.Bosch gives excellent security system for all its devices and this manufacturer’s products are preferred for its quality and affordability. One can have the option to expand the number of participants within the video conference through Bosch software,and a number of unlimited possibilities. Its pre-installed software for video conferencing can guide even the amateur.Bosch has video conferencing equipment like DICENTIS Conference System; DICENTIS Wireless Conference System; DCN Conference Solutions; CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System; and more. All of these systems work on a unique IP address that secures the meeting and doesn’t let any bug get in the way of an important discussion. The wireless technology in one of its equipment is an innovation of the future when there is no connection hassle or worry about how to connect. As said in their logo,it is invented for life.6. PanasonicPanasonic is a Japanese electronics industry company,which is known for its consumer electronics and home appliances. They provide excellent video conferencing equipment for office solutions. Its HD Visual Communication System achieves extraordinary quality.Panasonic device and software provides multi-site video conference that allows a considerable number of participants from different places in the spheres into one digital space. Its device is made in a way that connects both intranet and internet connections and has taken a lot of technological AV challenges to meet hassle free communication.It is affordable and provides easy functional operation. Its remote operating system makes it easy to tilt,rotate and control the visuals with just the click of a button. Moreover,it is the only video conferencing device that provides a Magnifier Function that captures expressions from 4 corners of the room and then displays it separately for better efficiency of meetings. This manufacturer’s technology is innovative and provides extraordinary ideas for life.The above mentioned video conferencing equipment manufacturers are the most frequently mentioned and used in the market and still there are new video conferencing equipment vendors emerging in the market,which reveals the potential of this market.