Polling during a meeting on ezTalks Android app

ezTalks has been sustaining the improvement of quality and features of the video conferencing software. Now you can launch a poll during a meeting,which is an awesome feature on the ezTalks Android app.

Part 1 Why polling is important during a video conferencing meeting?

Video conference requires more interactive communication to make sure all the participants are concentrated on the topic. Polling is an important way of interaction during a group video conference. The host can get a quick collection of opinions on a subject by launching a poll. And it gives the participants a chance to speak for themselves instead of letting one person speak on behalf of all.

Part 2 How to launch a poll on ezTalks Android app?

ezTalks Andriod app allows you to launch polls during the meeting. The steps are quite simple:

1. Launch a poll during the meeting

2. Make your topic/question with single or multiple options

3. Send the poll to the participants

4. Check the polling results

You can make more than one poll during a meeting for different topics/questions as below:

Click here to get the detailed steps of how to launch a poll on ezTalks Andriod app.

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