How to Do Remote Screen Sharing Easily

We often come across many individuals and even companies who invest quite a bit of money on remote screen sharing. As the phrase suggests it is about being able to access the contents of another computer or desktop. It could be done either with the help of a LAN environment or it could also be in a remote location where the internet connection could be made use of.

Remote screen sharing is becoming quite common and there are obviously a number of advantages when it comes to using this method of information sharing. We will look at a few benefits of such screen sharing and also have a look at ezTalks Meetings and find out why it's a good choice.

Why Do Companies Choose Remote Screen Sharing?

When companies go in for remote desktop screen sharing,they're able to have real-time and cross-office collaboration among colleagues who are situated in various locations. It also helps companies interact with potential customers and existing customers and develop further business relationships as well as improve service standards. Therefore,it helps speed up things and bring about efficiency in business activities. Apart from the above,there are other benefits too.# It helps in Web Conferencing. When there is a need to have web conferencing for making decision on critical matters,it has been found that choosing remote screen sharing can be a good choice. The need to share information in advance in the form of files and reports becomes unnecessary. The participants will be able to view the files on a live basis.# Online Presentation. Whenever there is a need to present a product or service to a client who is situated quite a distance away,this form of sharing of information can be extremely useful and beneficial. It is also cost effective and could save the need to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles away.# Online Support and Training. Whenever there is a need to offer support to clients in a remote location,it has been found that remote screen sharing is quite useful and efficient to say the least. There could be emergency situations where remotely sharing desktops and files helps solve the problem within a few hours and clients certainly find lots of value in it.

How to Share Screen Remotely?

Amongst the many tools supporting sharing screen remotely in the market today,there are reasons to believe that choosing ezTalks Meetings is a smart choice. It is popular video conferencing solution which allows screen sharing from remote location quite easily. It is quite reliable,and you can conduct online meetings,video webinars,online presentations,Internet training,and many more. It comes with a number of tools which allows employees to simultaneously get in touch in real time across the world via Internet connections.

ezTalks Meetings has an easy and customer friendly usage,which goes a long way in making it simple for various employees to make the best quality video calls. Since you need to register for using it and need to create an individual account,the safety and security are always taken care of. Additionally,it also has both live and online methods of video communication. Hence,you can make use of your webcam and share your desktop with up to 99 employees who are invited for free. To do remote screen sharing with more employees,you'd better upgrade to its pro plan that supports up to 500 participants in a screen sharing process.

Steps to Use ezTalks Meetings to Do the Remote Screen Sharing

Step 1. Download the install ezTalks Meetings on the computer or the mobile phone.

Step 2. Sign up to ezTalks Meetings either with your mail account or by using your Facebook or Google Account.

Note: Click the Download button to download and install ezTalks Meetings on your Windows PC. If you want to sharing screen remotely on your Mac,Androd/iOS device,you can go to ezTalks Download Center for a right version.

Step 3. When the main window appears,click "Start Meeting",and you come to your personalized meeting room. Just invite your wanted employees to enter this meeting room by sending them the meeting room ID or sending email invitations.

Step 4. Once all are present,go to the bottom of the window,and click Share. Two options appear: Share Desktop and Share Whiteboard. Click "Share Desktop". Done! All participants in your meeting room will see your shared screens.

Irrespective of the mode you choose to work with,ezTalks Meetings provides you with the share toolbar option on your screen. This will help you to pause,restart or even stop screen sharing at any given point of time. It also will help a lot in selecting attendees in a live meeting. Further,you also have the annotate option on the menu screen. This helps you to add notes or diagrams if you are doing a presentation. This will help your participants understand your message quite clearly.


When all the above factors are taken into account and considering the ease of use,it certainly makes sense to choose ezTalks Meetings to do remote screen sharing. If you're interested in it,why not download it and give it a shot?