Five Best Video Conferencing Services 2017

Whether you are an employer who have staff all over the globe,or an employee who wants to work from home,you need a service that keeps you stay connected with your teammates or colleagues. Video conferencing has become such a useful tool that lets you communicate with your team,share information and collaborate in real time.

ezTalks Hardware

Supports Multiple VC Apps

ezTalks all-in-one video conferencing devices work with most popular VC apps like ezTalks,Skype for Business,Skype,Zoom,WebEx,GoToMeeting,BlueJeans,Lifesize,Google Hangouts,Facebook Messenger,Microsoft Teams and more as you require.Request A DemoThere are numerous video conferencing services in the current market,which might make you feel confused. You may have no idea which one is the most suitable for your business. Here we are going to tell you five of the best video conferencing services of 2017,and all of these video conferencing software will help you conduct effective online meetings.

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is definitely one of the best free video conference services at present. The free version of the software allows you to host a virtual video meeting with other 99 participants no matter where they are. Besides,the free version also offers rich features (see the following detailed information in the chart). Hence,it has become the first SaaS solution provider in the world who offers such a cost-effective service.

2. RingCentral Meeting

RingCentral Meetings software is another best video conference call service. You are able to leverage your computer,mobile devices like smartphones or tablets to conduct or join an HD online meeting with easy screen and file sharing. You can also get access to the meeting from the web browser,without downloading any apps.


Neither because of its cheap price,nor its number of available participants for a meeting,but gives a good balance between its cost and number of participants. Therefore,we consider it as one of the best video conferencing services. In addition, software is easy to install and use,which makes your meetings simple and productive.

4. GoToMeeting

Citrix GoToMeeting is one of professional video conferencing services who are only engaged in the development of video conference software. The free version of GoToMeeting is only restricted to 3 participants. It offers a 14-day free trial for the pro version,so that you can explore the ultimate professional meeting experience with up to 50 participants anytime,from anywhere.

5. Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom unifies cloud-based video conferencing services,web video conferencing services and screen sharing into one platform. You can start or attend an online meeting with high-fidelity voice,high-definition video and high-quality document collaboration in real time. It gives you a chance to have meetings with up to 50 participants free of charge,but each group meeting is limited to 40 minutes only.

You can also get more information in the following comparison chart:



ezTalks Meetings

RingCentral Meetings



Zoom Cloud Meetings

HD video

HD voice

In-app chat

Private chat


Screen sharing

File sharing


Whiteboard tools

Mouse/keyboard control

Audio recordings

Video recordings





Make presenter




Mute/unmute all



Mac,Windows,iOS,Android and browser

iOS,Android,Mac,web browser


Mac,Linux,Android and browser

Mac,iOS and Android

Free version offered

(Up to 100 participants)

(Up to 4 participants)

(Up to 10 participants)

(Up to 3 participants)

(Up to 50 participants)

Prices for paid version (50 participants)

$12.99 /month/host

$34 /month/user

$18 /month/user

$29 /month

$14.99 /month/user

Additional support






To conclude,we’ve mentioned five of the best video conferencing services 2017,and each video conferencing software has its own advantages and strengths. And at the end of the article,we’ve made a comparison chart about the features of these five video conferencing software in detail,so that you can get more information about them. Is there any other best video conferencing services we neglect to mention? Share your ideas with us at ezTalks.