5 Top Online Collaboration Services

The development of internet,computers and mobile technology has brought in many changes in the corporate world. One of the changes is the generation of online collaboration services. Nowadays,lots of companies have embraced this technology to make it easy for employees from different workplaces to collaborate on the same project.

How do online collaboration services boost business?

• Reduce business travel costs

• Save communication costs

• Offer easy access to information

• Lead to employee satisfaction

Top 5 Online Collaboration services for Business

There are different online collaboration services for businesses. It is wise to conduct proper research to make an informed decision. Ensure that you look at different features of the online collaboration services at your disposal before you pick any of them.1. TrelloOrganization of projects can be one of the most daunting tasks for business persons. If you have been experiencing issues when it comes to project organization,then you should acquire this collaboration service online. It can be used on different platforms,including Web,iOS and Android.Some of the impressive features of Trello are able to create boards and lists. It also allows for flexible project management. The application comes in both web as well as mobile form. You can take advantage of the same to organize your projects as well as work on them with your friends. With it,it is easy to work with lists as well as boards when it comes to performing various tasks within the business. In addition,it can be downloaded at no cost. If you want more features,then you can go for premiums options.2. ezTalks MeetingsCommunication is very important in the world of business. There are different online collaboration services that you can embrace,but none of them beats ezTalks Meetings. With its help,you can easily connect employees and clients that live in various places at any time,and collaborate on the same project.It features screen sharing,meeting scheduling,record and playback,instant messaging and more,to simplify the way that you collaborate. It is available for iPad,iPhone,Android phones,Windows and Mac. It boasts of super HD Video as well as crystal clear audio quality that you are not likely to find in other applications out there.3. SlackSlack is one of the best online collaboration services that do not need any form of introduction. It can be used in different platforms such as Web,Windows,iOS,Android and Windows Phone. It boasts of an excellent interface,free version and security that will make you fall in love with it even more. There are millions of users who have applied Slack to grow their businesses and you will not be any different.You can also use it to send direct messages and files to individuals or even different groups where necessary. Furthermore,this online collaboration service supports video conferencing calling,which gives you more reasons to go for it compared to other applications on the market. It has also been designed such that it is compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox4. AsanaAsana is compatible with Web,iOS and Android. It has different attractive features such as dashboards,project templates as well as dashboards among others. It can also be used for video calls. If you have been looking for a collaboration service online that will maker project tracking as easy as taking an evening walk at the park,then you can bank on it. The developer has also provided a free version to enable you determine whether it is the best for you or not.5. YammerYammer enables you not only to collaborate,but also communicate whenever you feel like doing so. It is considered one of the fastest and smartest ways to connect. This collaboration online service allows you to work together with other members of your team when it comes to projects,initiatives and events. It offers a central place for files,updates,conversation and other things. It can also be used to add partners,vendors and customers needed for specific functions in the enterprise. It has also a search section through which you can locate experts,conversations and files,hence cutting on duplication work.


All in all,finding the best online collaboration service is not easy. There are different things to take into account. You need to find one with an intuitive layout,which will make it easy to use. It also should be flexible to allow for easy integration. Based on these factors,find a suitable one to start collaborating with employees online.