Business Meeting Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts

Business meetings have become more productive and flexible with the inclusion of the advanced tools like the ezTalk Cloud Meeting app. You will find a number of ways to share documents and to record the meetings. But at the same time,you need to follow some business meeting etiquette to get the best outcome of the meeting and to create a positive impression among the participants.

Lack of the meeting room etiquette will not offer any effective result. Moreover,it will not create a healthy environment in your office. If you want to know more about the corporate meeting etiquette,you can go through the following article.

In this article,you will come to know about some meeting room etiquette that will help you become more positive and dynamic in your business meetings.

Be punctual

Make sure that you are able to attend the meeting on time. If you will arrive late and will keep others waiting,it will not certainly create a positive impression. The first rule is to be punctual and to be on time.

Do not introduce yourself with your first or last name

Self-introduction with the full name is must if you want to present yourself in a positive manner. Moreover,if you will introduce yourself with your full name,you will be remembered by the participants by your name. They will not remember you with your first or last name.

Be attentive

While attending a meeting,you will have to pay all your attention to understand the points. Any distraction like your laptop will not only divert your attention,it might cause troubles for others as well. Therefore,it is always suggested to attend the meeting with all the preparation to avoid such possibility.

Do not use your smartphone

In the meetings,all the participants are expected to be attentive. You also need to switch off your phone as it might ring or cause other distractions. It will not be appreciated by any of the participants.

Try to contribute

You do not need to be a silent listener in your meetings. Instead,you need to participate the meetings actively. You will have to observe the proceedings and the discussion and then you can keep your point if you find that it is helpful for the topic.

Be confident

In any meeting,you need to be confident. Your nervousness will only create a bad impression. Always remember that confidence does not come from the knowledge. It is a state of mind that prepares you to face all the conditions without any fear.

Find a comfortable sitting position

You will have to practice a comfortable sitting position to sit for hours. Instead of crossing or uncrossing your legs,you will have to focus more on the meeting and discussion. If you change your sitting position repeatedly,it will be distracting and will not be appreciated.

Do not eat during the meeting

Even if you are attending the meeting in your office within your comfort zone,you need to avoid any eating during the meeting hours. You need to finish your lunch or snacks before joining the meeting.

Do not keep the personal items on the table

While arranging a meeting,make sure that your personal items like your wallet,phone,food,and any other thing are not left on the table. Manage your table properly before starting the meeting. Any personal item on the table will give an impression that you are not fully prepared for the meeting or you are not serious about the meeting.

Ask only relevant question

It is highly appreciated to be active in the meetings. You will come to the notice of your senior. It will show your confidence and dedication towards the work. But you need to avoid asking too many questions. Moreover,you should never ask irrelevant questions. It will waste the time of the meeting and all the participants.

Be a good host

If you are arranging the meeting,then it is important to pay attention to all the participants. You need to greet each and every participant and to listen to them carefully. Moreover,if you have invited the clients to your office,you will have to take care of the bills. Make sure that all the participants are comfortable and are having a good time during and after the meeting.

Do not answer all the emails

You will find a lot of emails regarding the meetings and the projects. But you just need to answer the relevant emails to utilize your time in a productive way.

Dress properly

Last but not the least; you will have to dress properly for your meetings. If you are the host,you will have to be more careful about the clothes. Picture source from pngix,pinpng,,trzcacak.

These are some business meeting etiquette that you need to follow to make the meeting more effective. You need to be active,polite,confident,and punctual to improve the productivity of the meeting. Without meeting room etiquette,there will not be any difference between a formal talk and office room meeting.