7 Video Interview Questions and Answers

Technologies have made life easier than ever. Now the most difficult task seems easy with the help of the technologies. We can arrange online collaboration and video interview through developed software like ezTalks Meetings. The video interview is the creation of the advanced technologies. With this technology, you can attend a job interview from your home. You do not need to travel for hours to reach the location. The location will not be a barrier. But if you want to qualify the video interview, you need to know the video interview questions and answers. Are you looking for some help to know the questions for a video interview? If yes, then the followings are written for you only.

Top 7 Video Interview Questions and Answers:

What is your weakness?

Everyone has some weakness. You might want to be honest about your weakness. But while doing so, make sure that you are expressing it in a very positive way. Moreover, you will have to show that you are really working to improve the condition. You should never show your frustration and should not emphasize on the weakness more. Instead, try to convert it into a positive one with the right approach. In addition, you should never say that I am a perfectionist. This attitude will not help you in any way.

What is your strength?

Unlike the weakness, you will have to be more confident about your strength. The company wants to know how you will fit into their job requirements. Therefore, it is always suggested to go through the requirements before attending the interview. It will help you to understand the job better. Moreover, a proper understanding will help you to relate your skills to the job. You can share your past achievements in a polite way while telling about the strength. You need to be confident and make sure that you are able to justify your talent for the job.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

While answering this question, you need to be much more careful. You should not utter a single word against the company and the seniors. You will have to be a little diplomatic. Instead of focusing more on the negativity of your current job, you should show more passion about the potential that you find in the new ones. Make sure that you are able to create a positive impression about your current company while keeping your points clear about the new opportunities.

Why do you want to join our company?

Try to give an honest answer. If you are not prepared for this question, take the time to prepare the answer. Your answer needs to be rational. You should not say anything that will sound weird. You can say that I am passionate working with a big company like you. But this is a common answer. You need to say something different and unique. If possible, try to find out the vision and goal of the company and prepare your answer that is related to the goal of the company. It needs to be simple, but impressive and inspiring. A few words can make a big difference.

Where do you find yourself after ten years?

This is a tricky question. You might not have any definite answer to this question. You cannot say that you are finding yourself in the senior levels or you would like to work with them till that period. Both of these will not sound real. But you can make the environment comfortable with some positive gestures. If you do not know the answer, you can try to answer the question indirectly. You can say that I will try to hone my skill in the years ahead. I will try to learn more to create a space for myself. Your answer needs to be genuine.

How do you communicate with your employees?

You need to answer this question in a friendlier manner. They want to know how you will be able to build a healthy environment in their office. They want to know about your approach. With a right approach, you will be in a favorable condition. While answering this question, you should focus more on the positive attitude of your colleagues. You should not bring any incident that affects your relationship with your office staff. Always remember that your relationship with your staff needs to be professional and friendlier as well.

Why should we hire you?

This is the time you should know how to sell yourself. You can use your work experience to give the details that you have achieved in the past. Moreover, you need to relate it to the goals of the company to make them feel that you are the right choice for the job.

When you prepare for a video interview, you need to be careful about your attitude. You need to show your talent and confidence in a positive manner. In addition, you should not say a single negative word against any company, employer, and colleagues.