8 Best Virtual Team Tools for Communication and Collaboration

While businesses move to virtual spaces,they now not tied to physical locations and meetings that are face to face. Also,those people who depend on meeting at a specific location are now adapting to use resources that are more of freelance and virtual teams. Many virtual team tools have come up to assist world businesses to be able to handle their virtual teams,thus saving time and also money.

Incorporate your messages with virtual team communication tools to maximize the communication of your team around meetings. The tools' main aim is to simplify communication in business by making means to share files,comment on posts of team members,collaborative meetings and ensure that content and also conversations are organized.

1 Google Hangouts

This virtual team communication tool offers services of video calling which is like Skype video conference call. Unlike Skype,Hangouts does not charge anything for Google video calls for groups. There are also some few apps that are incorporated which makes it possible for members to watch videos on YouTube,work on a document (Google) or make drawings with Cacoo together. Team members can also share documents by combining Google Hangouts together with Google Drive.Hangouts while live allows team members to concurrently watch a channel on YouTube to create an archive of the members' Hangouts. Though,do not forget to privatize the videos if it’s not a problem to share the meetings with team members.

2 ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is without a doubt one of the best collaboration tools for virtual teams. It does almost the impossible by assisting members to connect from everywhere around the world. It gives plans and services that are very useful to meet the requirements of virtual teams. The virtual team can choose a plan that will serve their needs perfectly.


•Works great with Windows,iOS,Android,and MAC.

• Support up to 100 members to collaborate during the same time without any charges for forty minutes.

• Empowers five hundred members to collaborate concurrently with no time limit.

• Combine audio conferencing and video conferencing (HD) and also web conferencing.

• Supports content and desktop sharing via screen,interactive whiteboard sharing,recording,annotation and playback.

• Supports remote control,reporting and user management.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is among the most popular virtual team collaboration tools. Its services are not charged for the starter plan. Your virtual team can connect with up to 100 members at a time and also gets services that are uninterruptedly resulting in the capability of being more productive.

3 Slack

This is a brilliant virtual team collaboration tools for a virtual team that are willing to keep in touch all the time. It can increase the productivity of the team by setting notifications and making channels (slack). With it,teams will achieve a better and comprehensive of the whole tasks or projects.


• Set up notifications and reminders.

• A virtual team can chat and communicate.

• It can incorporate with Dropbox and Google Drive to the relocation of files.

• Considering it contains chatting features,it also comes with shortcuts which assist increase your team`s productivity.

4 Skype

Eye contact is always important during any conversation. During earlier times,you spent a lot of time and resources in order to get or organize business meetings or when you wants to meet with a friend. However,now you can use Skype and have video conversations if you have an internet connection. Various conversations,messaging instantly,transferring of files,previous conversations,and other feature make Skype popular around the world.

Your virtual team members just need to install the app and register accounts with free of charge. They can enjoy the features that come with Skype. They do not have to invest heavily and will enjoy SMS and calling services all around the world. In business communication,giving Skype ID is as common as giving one`s phone number to a client and as a businessperson,this virtual team tool is good for your virtual team.

5 WebEx Meeting Center

This ensures the virtual team is productive as well as collaborative at anytime and anyplace using any gadget or video system with WebEx. This virtual team tool assists your virtual team with corporate video,fast decision making,sharing of content and videos,and it also saves money and time.


• Simple to connect with any other video system.

• Make faster the processes of your business and enhance productivity.

• Collaborate in one conference video and audio.

• Share screen,apps and also documents.

• Allow you to gather flow of work which is the best for the members.

6 Dropbox

Sharing and exchange of files is something that is popular in most businesses which is accompanied by quite a number of obstacles,like cashing of hard drives and other technical reasons. Dropbox,Inc comes with a solution to these problems. A file holding service that is cloud-based has been created.

This enables your virtual team to create special folders on a number of computers and sync them with the Dropbox service (online). Members only require reliable Internet and install the app. Members can also share files with other people by just handing them a special link which makes business easier.

7 TeamViewer

This virtual team tool supports online meetings,transferring files among team members,making this product unique. Team members can enjoy remote reboot function and cursor functions,resolution of the screen,scaling of adjustments and settings for video and audio. A number of functions bring presence effect to participants if managing a virtual team.

8 Scoro

This is among the simplest and easy virtual team collaboration tools to use,it has the feature that can assist with billing and collaboration to project planning. This tool provides a lot features which help virtual teams manage all their finances and projects,tasks,project and client base.


• It has reminders and notifications.

• Management of tasks and projects.

• Automatic invoice and billing (monthly) template.

• Tracking of time and billing.